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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

New Maoist Party in the US

There is a new Maoist Party in the USA. As of now, I personally know of no one in it. I don’t know where they are located, But probably not around here. Only time will tell how much good this party can do or what function it can play in such a reactionary country?
Right now there is the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, Which has not been welcomed much internationally since the party came up with Bob Avakian’s new synthesis. Also, their cult-like status has held that party back. There is also the Kasama Project, which is not really so much as a party as it is an organization to explore new directions for creating revolution in this country. -សតិវ អតុ

USA - From the Founding Congress of the New Communist Party (Organizing Committee)

Adopted by the Founding Congress of the New Communist Party (Organizing Committee) 
For release on May 1, 2013
The text below is a brief summary of our organizational line on the current global conjuncture and by extension a basis for the formulation of our strategic perspective in the years ahead. Fundamentally, it is clear that the dynamics of the world imperialist system are creating the objective conditions for global revolutionary power seizure by the proletariat. The matter in question is the development of the subjective forces of the World Proletarian Revolution.
We hope this text can contribute to the process of organization of a proletarian vanguard in the United States through the coalescence of the dispersed advanced elements of the class into a revolutionary party that is capable of diffusing communist politics practically among the masses, and organizing and directing the people’s hate against imperialism, revisionism and all reaction.
Central Committee, NCP (OC) May 1, 2013

Global Situation:
Globally, the principal contradiction remains more than ever that between imperialism and the oppressed nations and peoples. The competing blocs of imperialist monopoly capital and the entire social formations of the imperialist countries feed off the super-exploitation and continuing dispossession of the proletariat and the popular masses in the semi-colonial countries.
The global dichotomy between the imperialist and semi-colonial countries is reproduced inside the imperialist countries by the super-exploitation of immigrant workers. The imperialist countries also contain oppressed nations and nationalities within them. The following general tendencies are observable in the development of the imperialist system:
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