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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NRA—“Elections? We don’t need no stinking elections!”

For the National Rifle Association (NRA) success has never really been about votes—it has always been about intimidation. What can’t be bought through lobbying and bribery can always be gotten through threats and intimidation.
And the NRA also has the support of many of the best conservative minds in the country—to help them manipulate and trick the voters of any state—so they usually get what they want. In Colorado they have enlisted the support of political conservative consultant Laura Carno. She follows the ALEC Maxim...One state (in her own words “one candidate”) at a time. She is one of the conservative masters who allow these clownish brutes to manipulate and buy off elections like real pros.
When they don’t get what they want they have a whole dark bag of dirty tricks to fall back on. Right now they are using the re-call elections in Colorado this year.
According to a report in Yahoo News, gun-rights activists wasted no time seeking re-calls to oust state Senate President John Morse and three other Democratic lawmakers. Yahoo News pointed out that the targeted lawmakers weren't necessarily the main advocates for ratcheting back gun rights, but all come from districts with enough Republicans to give opponents hope they can boot out these Democrats and replace them with NRA puppets. Colorado is the only state outside the Eastern U.S. Coast to have adopted statewide gun controls this year.
"Colorado seems to be the testing ground for some of the gun measures, so this has national implications," said Victor Head, a plumber from Pueblo who is organizing a recall attempt, according to Yahoo News.
Yahoo News reported that this is a real test of power for the NRA to try to punish those who stand up to them.
A handful of Democratic state lawmakers in Colorado face recall petition efforts in what looks to be the first wave of fallout over legislative votes to limit gun sales. In an era in which recall efforts are booming, from governor's offices down to school boards, the Colorado efforts will serve as the first test of gun nuts' ability to punish elected officials who expanded gun control laws after last year's Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn., shooting massacres.
Two of four recall efforts in Colorado already have evaporated from lack of support. But in Colorado Springs, Morse opponents are piling up signatures in gun shops and outside libraries and grocery stores. The NRA sent a political mailer saying it was coordinating the recall effort with local groups, though the local recall petitioners have denied that.
The recall group's main funding comes from a $14,000 contribution from a nonprofit run by Carno.  She said that the contribution was made possible by some out-of-state donors. There are no restrictions on out of town contributors who want to interfere in other states’ elections. Conservatives are good at mounting campaigns aimed at encouraging people from other states to get involved in someone else’s affairs in someone else’s state that doesn’t really concern them.
"People in other states that are further down this road," Carno said, “like New York and Massachusetts who are calling up and saying 'What can we do to help?' ‘This isn't what Colorado stands for…" (As if a person who doesn’t even live there has a right to make that statement.)
The organizer of the Morse recall effort, Anthony Garcia, doesn't live in Morse's district but in the northern Colorado town of Brighton.
"It's as much about saying Colorado is angry as it is about getting one guy out," Garcia said to Yahoo News. "Legislators need to know when citizens are outraged that they can't ignore the people."
That’s not how Joan Muir sees it, She is a retiree who placed a pro-Morse sticker on her car bumper after seeing other cars carrying messages calling for his ouster. In a Yahoo News interview, Muir said she was dismayed by the recall campaign.
"I live here. I'm for gun control," Muri insisted. "I don't care for guns, period, so they don't speak for all of us when they say Morse didn't listen to the people."
Once again we need to keep tabs on those persons and organizations who allow brain-retarded political hacks to use their money and influence steal our democratic rights away from us.


-សតិវ អតុ


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