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Saturday, May 25, 2013

President Obama defends his war crimes

Since the presidency of Ronald Reagan, this country has only had two Democrat leaders and neither of them have done anything to stop or put the brakes on the reckless US imperialist foreign policy. When it comes to President Barack Obama, most progressives in the U.S. realize he has done nothing to lessen the human rights violations at home and abroad over the phony “war on terrorism.”
The US has perused a policy of naked aggression abroad and police state tactics at home. For those who live in other countries there have been NO advantages to having President Obama in charge of the U.S. Empire. And with the exception of a few people have been helped by Obama-care, Obama has done nothing for liberals or any other types of left-leaning progressives. The U.S. remains a single party state, with the Republicans and Democrats creating a façade of elections and differences of policy.  
According to Yahoo News;

Barack Obama has hit the reset button with the most far-reaching national security address of his presidency. In an hour at the National Defense University on a spring afternoon, Obama backed away from the excesses of his death-from-air drone policy, renewed his efforts to depopulate Guantanamo and tried to reassure the press that he is not attempting to criminalize investigative journalism.”
So this is an admission that this president has committed outright war crimes against the people in foreign countries, violated the rights of the foreign prisoners held on US territory and have tried to silence journalists who have tried to expose this war criminal.
Again Yahoo News quotes the president;
“As our fight enters a new phase, America’s legitimate claim of self-defense cannot be the end of the discussion.” And when wondering aloud if the legal authority that Congress gave George W. Bush after 9/11 needs updating, he said: “I intend to engage Congress … to determine how we can continue to fight terrorists without keeping America on a perpetual war-time footing.”
Does this man really believe that the US can defend its empire without being in a permanent state of war? I think many U.S. citizens already realize how foolish such an idea is.
There is also the Yahoo News report that the government has attack news reporters for leaking the truth about our phony wars to the U.S. public;
There is no guarantee that more than a handful of prisoners will be repatriated from Guantanamo. And neither the president nor Attorney General Eric Holder has directly repudiated the government legal document that stated that a Fox News reporter, James Rosen, might be vulnerable to prosecution in a leak investigation under the Espionage Act.
We can add to that that Bradley Manning who gave documents exposing our human rights violations in Iraq to WikiLeaks will never get treated as anything less than an enemy spy.
As we all celebrate Memorial Day let’s remember who our real enemy of the people is—Barack Obama.
For Detailed information on those who have been killed by drone attacks see “It’s Official: Obama Openly Defends Drone Strikes,” from the Kasama Project.
-សតិវ អតុ

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