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Sunday, June 02, 2013

BRAZIL: Camarada Diniz! ¡Presente!

A Google Translation;

 Note - Here is the letter of tribute to Cabral Diniz Filho Center for Studies of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (NEMLM) sent to the Brazilian newspaper's "A Nova Democracia" and published in No 109, 1st half of May 2013. The Spanish translation is the responsibility of Long March Toward Communism. Madrid, May 2013.

In the early days of last April we received the sad news of the death of Diniz Cabral Filho, unexpectedly occurred on the first day of the month. A shocking truth lies in the very day, also the day of the civilian-military coup of 1964, which fought with courage and Diniz which suffered imprisonment and torture.
Born April 13, 1936 in Recife, was about to turn 77 years lived in an environment virtually all revolutionary, as the son of a communist, Diniz Cabral, a member of the Communist Party of Brazil since 1932, grew up living with clandestine meetings and accompanied State repression New getulista against the heroic fighters of 1935, who wrote glorious pages of fighting in Pernambuco.
By reason, perhaps, her simplicity and convicted communist militancy discretion, we was very difficult to know of his long career, siéndonos can only share what we came to hand.
Decision for revolution
The year of 1958 was spent with great excitement within the PCB, facing the accession of Prestes and his followers to Khrushchev's revisionist line, presented at the XX Congress of the CPSU. Diniz enters the PCB after a brief stint in the student movement. His eyes, meanwhile, were led to the tremendous exploitation suffered by peasants and workers in the sugar cane in Pernambuco. Go to the USSR in 1961, but, disenchanted with revisionism and opportunism within the PCB, adheres to the Peasant Leagues with Francisco Juliao and capivara, assuming its general secretariat until 1964 when it was disbanded in the middle of the great repression triggered by a military coup.
In 1962, the Communist Party of Brazil had been reorganized as a Marxist-Leninist. After the coup of 1964, Diniz, an indication of capivara, enters the PC do B and the same year he sent the first delegation of party members to China for study of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought military theory of revolution.
Returning from the Chinese delegation, was evident the clash between those who had contact with the theory and practice of revolution and address of PC do B, which had launched its document preparation VI Conference entitled "Union of Brazilians to rid the country of the crisis, dictatorship and neo-colonial threat. " Diniz happens to have an outstanding performance in the two-line struggle that takes place within the PC do B and even in writing the critical document to that document, theses of the Central Committee of the VI Conference.
In a dogmatic and bureaucratic Central Committee, under the leadership of Joao Amazonas, the Conference proposed the expulsion of Diniz, along with Tarzan of Castro, which were charged accusations never proven by his detractors. The critics who now make up the Red Wing PC do B penetrated deep within the membership, mainly youth, laying the foundation for that already in 1966 give rise to a new organization. The two-line struggle conducted major party committees had taken industrial areas of Sao Paulo.
Unlike online guerrilla organizations Castro-Guevara, Red Wing began in 1967 its first armed actions, but assume, for the sole purpose of obtaining logistical structure for the party in the harsh conditions of secrecy. Would then become the Communist Party of Brazil Red Wing.
Delivery Dilma repression Diniz
In 1969, the wing had carried out an agreement with the VAR (Armed Revolutionary Vanguard), which militated Dilma Rousseff, to receive an amount of weapons in exchange for providing false identity documents to militants miners of that organization.
Dilma had a point marked by Diniz to receive documents. Stopped days before, she leads the police to the point, the restaurant Salazar, in the center of the state capital, and when the bar reaches Diniz is embraced by Dilma as a signal for the cops pounce on him, taking him prisoner. As Diniz had no documents left in the machine, to give to Dilma, the militant miners fall with them. Placed face to face in the interrogation, the officer asked if he knew Dilma to which he replied:
-Never route this woman.
She, however, asked the same question answered: Is Gerson.
The officer turned around at him and said:
- Do not look like she knows about these things?
To which Diniz said
'Then she begins to tell the story because I know nothing.
He was imprisoned until 1974.
Fighting Right deviations and "left"
Diniz always guide its membership according to the principles of Marxism and, compared to the experiences of Red Wing and other revolutionary organizations, was always attentive to deviations both right, so markedly in the communist movement in the country and, at the time , the "Left", put in vogue by Castro and Guevarism.
So it was when, in 1969, militaristic gross deviation detected inside the wing. He contributed decisively in the effort of self-criticism of militarism, not without paying a high price for the many prisons, torture and death of so many fighters avoidable. Marxist criticism without opportunistic abandonment of armed struggle as a way and means of the class to achieve their release. In tough battle, without any reconciliation with this deviation, decisively influenced the "Charter of the Sixteen Points", which reflects the petty criticism militaristic conception and understanding and adoption of the proletarian military concept, closely linked to the mass movement and the organization of the workers, peasants and other masses.
At another time, when the PC do B Red Wing left was touched petty with the creation of PT, Diniz sniffed once in the first movements smell fraud, opening the inner-party struggle to delineate the project opportunist. The 1982 document "does the PT is not a revolutionary party of the proletariat" was crucial to debug the wing opportunist elements deceived PT counterfeiting, even in its origins of ultra radical phraseology, which he used as red mantle star (minus the hammer and sickle) to conceal their true and abominable class collaboration project, today blatantly assumed. Gathered in clandestine congress in 1982, Red Wing Communists decided to adopt the name of Red Wing Communist Party.
Or continue to be part of an organization with workers drowned by people corrupted by anticommunism of their leader, a unionist trained in the schools of AFL-CIO, an organization eclectic, opportunistic genesis, or the decision to stay true to the scientific ideology of the proletariat, expressly told by the great Lenin in What to do? addressing the desperate struggle against opportunism in the RSDLP: Small compact group, followed by a precipitous and difficult path, firmly by the hand. We are surrounded by enemies on all sides and we have to advance almost constantly under their fire. We unite under a free decision, precisely to fight the enemies and not fall into the swamp neighbor, whose inhabitants, from the beginning, we censored for having separated into a separate group and because we have chosen the path of struggle and not as the reconciliation ". This was the path taken by Diniz.
The document referred frontally attacked PT opportunism and individual organizations 'left' who composed it. It stressed that "the center is the PT because it attempts to present it as a revolutionary party of the proletariat, under his radicalism in words, but in truth it is the petty fury on the one hand, it tries to impose unionism as" ideology "proletarian that does not exceed half of infiltration supported new type of social style, mixed with the religiosity of liberation theology and, moreover, indebted to his representative contingent workers (at least in Sao Paulo) ".
Communist to the end
Throughout his life, therefore, is as a student, is a militant, always tried to hold in the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tsetung as to the inevitability of revolution and the need of the revolutionary party of the proletariat to direct it. For his full and unreserved dedication to the cause of the proletariat and communism, Comrade Diniz is one of those essential, true son of the class and party. Faced with his memory, we pay our heartfelt tribute of appreciation, respectfully bow our heads and raise high the red flag of proletarian greetings.
Coordination Center for the Study of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (NEMLM)

April 14, 2013

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