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Monday, June 03, 2013


From Maoist Road;

May 26, 2013

With this action we have taken revenge of over a thousand adivasis who were
brutally murdered in the hands of Salwa Judum goons and government armed
forces. We also have taken revenge on behalf of those hundreds of mothers
and sisters who were subjected to cruelest forms of violence, humiliation
and sexual assault. We have taken revenge on behalf of the thousands of
Bastarites who lost their homes, cattle, chickens, goats, bald, pottery,
clothing, grain, crops . everything and were forced to live a miserable life
in subhuman conditions.
Immediately after this attack, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, UPA
Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh etc.
dubbed this as an attack on democracy and democratic values. One wonders
whether these pet dogs of exploiter classes have any moral qualification
even to take the name of democracy! Of late, on May 17, when eight people
including three innocent children were killed by police and paramilitary
forces in Edsametta village of Bijapur district, then why did none of these
leaders bother to think about 'democracy'? Between January 20 to 23, when
villages named Doddi Tumnar and Pidiya of Bijapur district were attacked by
your forces who torched 20 houses and a school house run by the people, did
your 'democracy' flourish there? Exactly 11 months ago, on the night of June
28, 2012 in Sarkinguda village, 17 adivasis were slaughtered and 13 women
were gang raped.  Were those incidents a part of your 'democratic values'?
Does your 'democracy' only applicable to the mass murderers like Mahendra
Karma and ruling class agents like Nand Kumar Patel? Whether the poor
adivasis of Bastar, the elderly, children and the women come under the
umbrella of your 'democracy' or not? Are the massacres of adivasis a part of
your 'democracy'? Do any of those who are shouting loudly against this
attack have any answer for these questions?
By the end of 2007, Salwa Judum was defeated by the resistance of the
masses. Then in 2009, Congress-led UPA-2 has unleashed a countrywide
offensive by name Operation Green Hunt (OGH). The US imperialists are not
only giving guidance and help and support, but by deploying their special
forces in India they also are actively participating in counter-insurgency
operations. They are giving emphasis on killing the Maoist leadership. The
Union government has so far sent more than 50 thousand paramilitary forces
to Chhattisgarh as part of ongoing OGH, i.e. 'War on People'. As a result,
there has been manifold increase in massacres and destruction. 400 adivasis
were killed by central and state armed forces here in Bastar so far since
2009. From mid-2011, Army troops have been creating bases in Bastar region
in the name of setting up 'training schools'. Both Chidambaram and Shinde,
the former and present home ministers, including PM Manmohan Singh have been
eagerly rendering all support to the Chhattisgarh government and expressing
full satisfaction over Raman Singh government's performance in crushing
revolutionary movement. Raman Singh too has been expressing his gratitude on
every occasion for Centre's help. Therefore, in Chhattisgarh, there are no
differences between ruling BJP and opposition Congress in terms of policies
of suppressing the revolutionary movement. Only due to public pressure, as
well as to gain electoral benefits, some of the local leaders of the
Congress at times came in condemnation of incidents like Sarkinguda and
Edsametta massacres. Their opposition is sham which is nothing more than
opportunism. Both Congress and BJP are same in implementing corporate
friendly and oppressive policies. The frequent penetration of Greyhounds
forces across the Chhattisgarh borders from Andhra Pradesh, and the mass
murders it committed first in Kanchal (2008) and recently in Puwwarti (May
16, 2013) are part and parcel of the oppressive policies adopted and
implemented by Congress party. That's why we have targeted top leaders of
Today, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh, Home Minister Nankiram
Kanwar, Ministers Ramvichar Netam, Kedar Kashyap, Vikram Usendi, Governor
Shekhar Dutt, Maharashtra Home Minister RR Patil etc.; DGP Ram Niwas, ADG
Mukesh Gupta and other senior officials of the police, who are hell-bent on
crushing the revolutionary movement of Dandakaranya, are in the big illusion
that they are unbeatable. Mahendra Karma also has kept the illusion that Z
plus Security and bullet-proof vehicles would save him forever. In the
history of the world, Hitler and Mussolini were in the same pride that no
one could beat them. In the contemporary history of our country, the
fascists like Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi also were victims of similar
misgivings. But the People are invincible. People only are the makers of the
history. Ultimately, a handful of exploiters and a few of their pet dogs
will only be thrown in the dustbin of the history.
Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee of Communist Party of India (Maoist)
calls upon the workers, peasants, students, intellectuals, writers, artists,
media persons and all other democrats to demand the governments to stop the
OGH immediately; to withdraw all kinds of paramilitary forces from
Dandakaranya; to give up the conspiracy of deploying the Army in the name of
'training'; to put an end to the interference of Air Force; to release all
the revolutionary activists and ordinary adivasis languishing in various
jails immediately; to scrap the cruel laws like UAPA, CSPSA, MACOCA, AFSPA,
etc.; to cancel the all those MoUs signed with the corporate houses with the
aim of plundering the natural wealth of the country.

(Gudsa Usendi)
Dandakaranya Special Zonal Committee
CPI (Maoist)

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