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Thursday, June 06, 2013

No tolerance—No civility from conservatives!

Lately conservative people are becoming more and more arrogant as they seem to believe that winning a few elections entitles them to get their way on everything and every issue they want. Those of us who get in their way are simply disrespected with as many insults and cuss words these people are able to muster.
Today there is no civility towards those with minority views. The latest example of that is Roy Costner IV, the valedictorian at Liberty High School in Liberty, South Carolina. Instead of reading his prepared speech, he tore it up and recited the Lord's Prayer, according to Yahoo News.  The stunt seemed to be in protest of the new decision made by the Pickens County School District to no longer include prayer at graduation ceremonies.
According to the report, there were many students who cheered on his publicity stunt. Yahoo News reports that Costner believed he was “standing up for what he believed was right.” Conservative religious people feel it is their right and privilege to shove their beliefs down the throats of all of us who use our public facilities. Their right to practice their religious beliefs apparently includes their right to force those beliefs on others against their will.
For those of us who do not practice Christianity, or any other religion, it becomes tedious and offensive to have to be brow beat by conservative religious bullies when we try to use public buildings and institutions that we all pay for. The clapping by other students is a clear message that those in the majority believe they owe no respect for those in minority cultures, such as atheist or agnostics.
In Colorado conservative gun supporters have forced recall elections for any Democrats they feel are vulnerable. That includes Democratic state Senate President John Morse, who was featured in an article in The Raw Story just a few days ago. At the Facebook page for this story, the usual gun nuts wrote in castigating anyone that would trample on their precious “second amendment gun rights.” I tried to point out to them that they need to consider the other constitutional rights people have. I guess the following person was responding to my accusation that they don’t respect other people’s rights to free speech:

“Hey, anti-gun rights asshole... what you going to do when some thug puts a gun to your head or attacks your family... try to recite a speech.... you're a damn joke..!”

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’m not always polite when arguing against others. But after arguing a while with this guy, he seemed upset that the argument wasn’t going his way:

“Narrow minded? That shit's laughable homie. I don't agree with you so I have to be a stupid, right? What does my 138 IQ say about that? I laugh my fucking ass off over it is what. Pull your fucking head out of your said "piss on your gun rigjts" well piss on you, you stupid sack of shit.”

These weren’t the only rude comments made to me or others. And that is the point. A lot of conservative people have won over the press and they keep getting what they want through the political system. Part of this is because these people keep getting huge amounts of money and support from conservative PACS who support these single issues, gun rights and abortion being their top two, in return for a whole agenda for them. As I tried to point out to the two yahoos above; they are focused on just one of their rights, while everyone else is looking at agendas that affect their entire lives, such as Obama-care. These conservative groups have their own agenda and the supporters of these single issues don’t pay attention to those overall agendas.
So when these people get confronted over their arguments they get frustrated and angry that someone actually stands up to them. That only means we need to confront them over their beliefs even more—not less—than we do now.
-សតិវ អតុ

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