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Saturday, June 22, 2013

To support the People’s War in India is the way to be and to show to be internationalist Communists

From PCm Italia;

Against imperialism, its crises, its wars, its crimes, the proletariat
and the masses struggle, resist, rebel in every country of the world,
from the poorest to the richest.
The masses do it in the forms and with contents they find and that
reflect their levels of consciousness, forms of organization, customs
and traditions.
The internationalist Communists support the struggle, resistance,
rebellion of the masses against imperialism always, even when those who
lead them are not communist and often not even progressive, but the
Communists clearly know that the masses can win against imperialism only
if they defeat it politically and militarily. Without a communist party
the masses can not win the against imperialism and the servant regimes.
Without a people's war, made by the masses, for the masses, under a
proletarian and communist leadership, imperialism can be hindered,
fought, attacked, but you can not win.
This is why the Communists stand especially on the side of the genuine
communist parties leading an anti-imperialist people's war. These are
their comrades, to them they should be connected, with them they must
carry our the common battle. This path is really the alternative to
imperialism and can win.
As internationalist Communists, we support the people's war in India and
the Communist Party of India (Maoist ), because it is currently the most
important people's war in the world, and the CPI(M) is the largest
Communist Party in the world, from which we have much to learn, albeit
in a different context from India. Our goal is to make revolution,
through a people's war led by the proletariat and culminating in an
winning insurrection, in our country as an authentic expression of
internationalism. It is the best form of support we can give.
But the ideological, political, organizational support to battle of the
People's War and the CPI (M) is an indispensable part of the action to
make revolution in our country.
Who does not understand this, deforms Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and it is
not true that it is the revolution in own country ... it is reformism,
economism, revisionism in own country.
Therefore, beyond of the importance that what is happening in India has
for the whole world, for the balance of power in the world, for the
masses and peoples around the world, the question is that who does not
support the People's War in India and the CPI(M) in words and deeds, is
neither communist nor internationalist, neither in word nor in deed.

PCm Italia
June 2013
Partito Comunista maoista Italia

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