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Monday, August 12, 2013

Japanese Communist Party wins in Japan—not much progress for real communism

Last July the Japanese Communist Party has won enough seats it is now the second largest party in Japan.
So is Japan the new Communist stronghold of Asia, next to China? So far it doesn’t really seem that way.
The JCP has its own web site ( Its main focus for taking power is to run for office.  The party appears to be modeled after the so called “Euro-Communist Parties.” They really aren’t much different that the Socialist Democratic Party. A good example of such a party was the Italian Communist Party which, in1991, changed their name to the Democratic Party of the Left . It was really more like the British Labor Party. Even before the name change they rarely talked about Marx or Lenin.


World Situation - From 20th Century to 21st Century

Democracy with popular sovereignty now forms a current accepted as a political principle by the majority of the world's countries, thus becoming the main trend of world politics.
With the founding of the United Nations, the illegalization of war was set as the historical course of development, and the building of an international order for peace that will prevent war was set forth as the world's objective. In the light of what the world experienced in the 20th century, in particular the wars of aggression and opposition to attempts to carry out such wars, the increasingly pressing task is for the peoples of the world to establish an international order for peace.
So they definitely have decided that elections are the only way they will push for taking control of Japan for the proletariat. Again from “PROGRAM OF THE JAPANESE COMMUNIST PARTY:”
A change Japanese society needs at present is a democratic revolution instead of a socialist revolution. It is a revolution that puts an end to Japan's extraordinary subordination to the United States and the tyrannical rule of large corporations and business circles, a revolution that secures Japan's genuine independence and carries out democratic reforms in politics, the economy, and society. Although these are democratic reforms realizable within the framework of capitalism, their full-fledged achievement can be made possible through a transfer of state power to the forces that represent the fundamental interests of the Japanese people from those representing Japan's monopoly capitalism and subordinate to the United States. Success in achieving this democratic change will help solve problems that cause the people to suffer and pave the way for building an independent, democratic, and peaceful Japan that safeguards the fundamental interests of the majority of the people….
The freedom of various ideologies and beliefs as well as political activities, including those by opposition parties, will be rigorously protected. Giving privileges to a particular political party as the "leadership" party in the name of "socialism" or defining a particular outlook on the world as "state-designated philosophy" is an act that has nothing in common with socialism and therefore must be categorically rejected.
So it appears they may act as a labor party and provide some comfort and protections for working people, but they have no intentions of creating a worker’s state, where workers are actually in charge and the army and state support the workers.
As for international relationships, the JCP seems to favor western nations over anti-imperialist nations.

JCP Chair strongly condemns North Korean rocket launch:

The Japanese Communist Party strongly condemns North Korea for having gone ahead with the launch which will only further aggravate the situation. The JCP demands that North Korea comply with the UNSC resolution and rededicate itself to the 2002 Japan-DPRK Pyongyang Declaration and the 2006 Six-Party joint statement.
Even though the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has taken these measures to defend itself from the US and its puppet allies the JCP want to allow the destruction of this socialist-anti-imperialist outpost on the East Asian peninsula. The DPRK may have some draw backs and may not be the best possible Marxist state, but it still stands out as an independent socialist state.\
For a party that uses the name “communist”—this  party is hardly to the left at all.

-សតិវ អតុ

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