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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Junior Achievement—capitalist indoctranation

A lot of seemingly harmless programs are really just propaganda ploys to reinforce the official idiology of our society. Of course our society doesn’t hit us with constant slogans or constant symbols (not counting the US flag), such as swastikas, as an example, to reinforce an ideology that is the back bone of this particular state. Instead, they find seemingly harmless groups that are designed to look more like a hobby or a self-help group, such as Junior Achievement.
To go to the Junior Achievement web site and it will seem as if this group is just some civic group for kids, similar to the Boy Scouts.
There is a nice harmless sounding statement of purpous on its home page:

Junior Achievement Sparks Student Success

Junior Achievement (JA) empowers young people to own their economic success.  Our volunteer-delivered, K-12 programs foster work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills.  JA's experiential learning inspires kids to dream big and reach their potential.
So it seems to be one of those civic oranizations that your kid can join that will help him or her to be better prepaired for the working and economic world they will eventually have to enter. In  other words it will give them a head start.
But in reality, on taking a closer look, we see those majic words; “entrepreneurship,”  “financial literacy skills” and “economic success.” All of these are key word for those who promote capitalism. And promoting capitalism is exactly what this program is designed to do.
As with religious organizations, the capitalist class realizes it is important to get our children while they are young. The younger they get them the better. If they are indoctrinated early, they will just see the economic system as normal and will find those who dare to question it as someone who is really odd.
That is a major aspect of religious indoctrination. If all a person knows is Jesus and capitalism, then such an individual is baffled as to why certain people don’t believe what everyone else does. The reaction is often “what is wrong with this person? Why doesn’t he or she believe as the rest of us do? What we believe is normal.”
Usually a student in school does not question what he or she is taught until the age of high school. That is something I have observed at times when I have worked among school teachers. So getting students to seriously reconsider what they have been taught is very difficult at those younger ages.
On their web site, under “About” and “Junior Achievement of Wichita” they claim(Personal comments in parentheses):

Junior Achievement of Kansas (there are chapters world-wide) will work with nearly 28,000 children this school year helping them prepare for the real world of the future and helping them learn the skills they need for success (meaning success in a corporate system).
Junior Achievement prepares students for the economics of life (under capitalism). Our programs educate (indoctrinate) young people to value free enterprise, business and economics through the support of teachers, parents, and volunteers in the classroom. JA uses hands-on experiences to help young people understand how the real-world works (The only world this country tolerates, that of capitalism).

In partnership with business and educators, Junior Achievement brings the real-world to students, opening their minds
(while closing off any ideas related to socialism or people’s rights) to their potential and showing them that they can make a difference in the world (That is—only our corporate world).

JA Programs complement and support the great work that teachers accomplish by helping educate students in personal finance and practical workplace skills, preparing them to pursue their careers as well as their dreams
(anti-worker dreams only).
Junior Achievement is the world's largest organization dedicated to inspiring and preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Through a dedicated volunteer network, Junior Achievement provides in-school and after-school programs for students which focus on three key content areas: work readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy (Those magic capitalist words). Today, 124 individual area operations reach four million students in the United States, with an additional six million students served by operations in 120 other countries worldwide. For more information, visit

The most important thing here is to make sure that we recognize these groups for what they are and what they are not. They are indoctrination for the capitalist system—they are not just harmless civic groups.

-សតិវ អតុ

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