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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Manning gets 35 years for exposing US war crimes

The US government wants to “send a message” that it does not want any of its personnel to tell the US people that their US army is committing war crimes.
That is the reason Bradley Manning has been accused of “aiding the enemy.” What the army doesn’t say and what a lot of us already know is that “enemy” is actually the US citizens of this country, many of whom want to know when our troops are committing war crimes.
Military and government officials wanted to get at least 60 years for Manning in order to scare off any future whistle blowers. Instead he got 35 years. But most of us are hoping we can count on brave people who are not intimidated by our police state apparatus that does all it can to intimidate people into keeping their silence on US war crimes. All day long NPR has been talking about military officials wanting to “burry Manning at Leavenworth.”
According to NPR Manning’s lawyer attorney David Coombs has said:
“The sentence and the initial aiding-the-enemy charge sends a "chilling message" to whistleblowers that comes "all the way from the top."
"This administration has gone after more whistleblowers than anyone," said Coombs.
“The government had asked the judge to sentence Manning to 60 years. “There is value in deterrence, your honor; this court must send a message to any soldier contemplating stealing classified information,” said Capt. Joe Morrow, a military prosecutor. “National security crimes that undermine the entire system must be taken seriously.”
National security for this government means keeping its citizens dumb and uninformed. People like Bradley only inform the populace of the kind of brutal empire they are supporting. That is something this government have clearly stated they don’t intend to tolerate.
Manning is also to be dishonorably discharged. The army has stopped at nothing to prove it will come down on all whistle blowers with every tool of repression they have. There are no exceptions. The mighty state has spoken and they got some of what they wanted to a man who would warn the US people of war crimes by its military.

-សតិវ អតុ

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