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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Americans vote against their interests—how sleezy do you have to be to lose an election?

Anthony Weiner was originally the front runner in the New York and was set to win the New York mayoral race. Even after his fist sexting scandal, the voters wanted this guy. It wasn’t until it was revealed that he had kept sexting over and over again that his loyal supporters turned on him.
This actually happens with both parties. Many states, such as Kansas, will vote for the candidate with far-right ideas. It seemed as if such Republicans could get caught selling heroin or molesting children and still get elected against a Democrat. Many Republicans get caught doing sexual acts that are against the family values they espouse and yet—voters still wanted them.
There anti-worker give-everything-to business-at the worker’s expense—seemed to resonate with the voters.
So the big question is why? Why would people be so loyal to a party that is dedicated to wrecking their livelihood? Many Tea Party Republicans are sexual pervert—they get caught and it just didn’t seem to matter.
The real lesson here is that people believe that anti-worker-pro-business candidates will really improve the economy and win us some jobs. The job ahead for us leftists is to kill that idea. Many Democrats don’t offer much of an opposition to these positions. Believing in the dictatorship of the business class and our corporate masters is a definite danger for all of us. Some of these people may be voting against Democrats for such things as abortion or gun rights. It’s hard to tell.
Why people continue to vote against their interest and their determination to do so remains a mystery of the American voter.

-សតិវ អតុ

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