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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Banks are like vultures—Ganster rob you with pistols—banks just use a pen to take your home

Banks are among the most crooked businesses in the country today. One person I knew had already paid for his house, but had a $3,500 debt on his banks “line of credit account.” The bank changed it to a mortgage because they found that this guy was behind on his property taxes and according to their original contract to buy the house, the bank can demand either full payment on the mortgage or take the house back. It was a technicality that allows this bank to take this guys house for a mere $3 thousand and a half.
Another person owed $5 on an account and figured his first pay check of $600 would be plenty to cover the debt and fill the account with money. The bank closed his account a few days before he got paid and sent all the money back, causing that person to have to wait a week for his company to get the money back and offer him a check.
On TV, a couple had their house repossessed by their local bank. The bank offered the about $2,000 to clean the house up. This was just some “chump change” that the couple badly needed to do the dirty work the bank didn’t want to do to, so the bank could quickly sell their home and make a quick buck.
The banks today are like vultures or vermin. They swoop down on people who are down on their luck and take everything left that they have left. They smell the blood, they come circling above.
According to Bloomberg;
In one corner, we have five former Bank of America Corp. employees who told a federal court they were instructed to mislead customers on the verge of losing their homes and stall their applications for loan modifications.
In another corner, we have Bank of America, which says nothing could be further from the truth.
Who’s right? If anything, the bank’s strident denials make me more inclined to believe the workers’ claims. “These allegations are absurd, patently false and contrary to Bank of America’s long-standing policy only to foreclose as a last resort when other available options to help keep people in their home have been exhausted,” Jumana Bauwens, a Bank of America spokeswoman, told Bloomberg News in an e-mail this week.
Perhaps some of the allegations may be wrong. But to say all of them are obviously false? You have to wonder. A lot of the former employees’ claims make sense.

And banks received part of a $182 billion bailout from our friendly US government. In other words; they got paid to steal from their customers.
People used to admire the professional bank robbers. Today they blindly support banks and “John Q. Citizen” is more than happy to snitch out a bank robber or old farts with guns try and shoot them.
In the dirty ‘30s people were smart enough to hate the banks and actually admired those who robbed them.

-សតិវ អតុ

Woody Guthrie - Pretty Boy Floyd

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