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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Forget Syria or Egypt—the real news is Miley Cyrus’ new clothes and Lady Gaga’s new bra

Anyone who has seen Miley Cyrus on the video music awards or Lady Gaga lately may wonder why there is so much huffing and puffing by news pundits and people claiming to represent parents, about the new clothing they are wearing. Cyrus’ dress is really not as wild as the clothing rock stars wore in the 1960’s.
There used to be a popular poster of Janice Joplin wearing nothing but jewelry. No one got upset about that. News personalities are also fascinated by a new bra that Lady Gaga is now wearing and many of them are wondering if this new bra is going to catch on as a new trendy thing for modern women and girls to wear.
But what many of us are really wondering is why this is big news at all. There are wars going on in Syria, India, the Philippines and trouble in Egypt. There are things going on with poverty in the US and lots of world news we just don’t get. But the clothing of Cyrus and Gaga seem to be front page news and they seem to push REAL news right off the newspaper, magazine or news web pages.
-សតិវ អតុ

A recent article in a local Wichita alternative newspaper called "F5" did an article on this subject;
August 29, 2013
Last Sunday night Miley Cyrus performed on something called the VMAs and apparently somehow lowered the bar of American pop culture even further than when Justin Bieber … did whatever he does. Yich.
I am sure I'm not the only one of you who didn't watch these awards. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has never intentionally heard or seen any work by either of these people beyond the occasional news item based on their misbehavior in public.
Saying this might make me sound like some annoying hipster elitist or an impossibly old man, but I'm sure many of you reading this are with me in completely not giving a shit about these people.
This seems like such a painfully obvious concept, but perhaps my perspective is skewed. For example, most people I know in Kansas are intelligent, reasoned progressives, and yet somehow Brownback is in office.
Syria this week used chemical weapons on its own people, which by every precedent in modern history means that we will have to use force against them. The situation is made complex by the presence and support of Al Qaeda in the rebellion, and … woof, you're right, America, that's exhausting, and what a downer! Back to the column about utter crap.

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