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Friday, September 27, 2013

Protest against the president of the criminal Islamic Republic of Iran

23 September 2013.

By  Hassan Rouhani

The new president of Iran, was due to address the United Nations General Assembly opening in New York on 24 September. Following is a statement and leaflet put out by "Activists of the Communist Party of Iran (MLM) in North America", which planned to hold protests outside the UN during Rouhani's appearance.
On 24 September, Iran’s recently elected president, Hassan Rouhani, will give a speech at the United    Nations. His trip to New York coincidentally falls on the same day on which Iranian political refugees all over the     world are grieving the mass murder and execution of political prisoners in Iran in the summer and autumn of 1988.
Rouhani’s cabinet members such as Mostafa Pour Mohammadi, Ali Rabii and Hamid Chiyan were directly involved in that particular mass murder. They are known to be cold-­blooded murderers and some of the worst among the Islamic regime of Iran. Pour Mohammadi is often referred to as the "president of death". He was directly and actively involved in the executions of political prisoners in the 1980s in Iran. He, along with many other members of Rouhani’s ministerial cabinet were responsible for thousands of death penalties which were delivered in less than a couple of minutes to the political prisoners of Iran in the 1980s.
Iran's new president introduces himself as the people's "hope"! But in fact          he represents a new alliance among different factions of the Islamic Republic regime. He has climbed to the seat of     power with the support of the Sepah-­e-Pasdaran (the Revolutionary Guards, the main body of the regime's military forces), the notorious security establishment of the regime and the "leader" (Ayatollah Khamenii) himself.  
Rouhani was essentially chosen as president      to perform several tasks essential for the survival of the Islamic Republic system. He must initially provide a false hope about "reforming the  system" – a false hope to those who     are suffering    from expanding poverty and are fed up  with political  and social suppression and religious    obscurantism.   He should also assure the  imperialists that the contradiction between the Islamic Republic system and the imperialists is not of an antagonistic nature and in fact the relations should be healed and Iran should be looked at by them as a reliable partner in controlling and exploiting the masses of Iran as well as in carrying out the imperialists' regional plans – given that those powers also ensure the survival of this regime.                    
Iran's regime and the Islamic Republic system is an integrated part of the world capitalist system which is controlled by the imperialist powers. The feud between the Islamic Republic and the imperialist powers is in fact the fight  and contradiction between two "rotten poles" within this system and there is no element of "anti-imperialism" on the part of the Islamic regime of Iran.
In Iran, like the whole world, the majority of the people produce the wealth which is appropriated by a minority of parasitic capitalists. Like all other countries dominated by   imperialism in   Asia, Africa and Latin America, the Iranian  economy is totally dependent on the world capitalist system. The more it gets integrated into the world capitalist system the wider becomes the class chasm and political suppression of the masses. The regime in Iran is a theocratic regime which constantly attacks  people's mind   and body – especially women's. Political suppression is one of the pillars of this regime. In fact, its very existence depends on trampling upon the most basic political, cultural and social rights of the majority of the people of Iran.
National oppression is another touchstone of this regime. In sum, the contradiction, between the Islamic Republic regime and the people of Iran is of an antagonistic nature. This reality brings about the necessity and possibility of a revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We,  the revolutionary communists of Iran, know too well that if we do  not mobilise and organise people in a movement for revolution, the reactionary, corrupt and crisis-ridden ruling classes of    Iran will be able to survive through suppressing and deceiving people in different ways and    manners, and   therefore will get a new lease on life, and their rotten rule will last longer and destroy more generations. We are well aware that if the masses of Iran do not become conscious of and take up a revolutionary communist vision and   programme which can enable  them to really    and radically change their conditions, then even if they    rise up  against this hated regime, without taking up that vision they will fall into the trap of some other reactionary forces   or be wooed by the alternatives that U.S. imperialism has in pocket for the future of  Iran. This would definitely turn Iran  into another tragedy like the ones we are witnessing in Syria and Egypt, where people have become captives of warring rival reactionary forces, each of which have the backing of this or that imperialist power.         
There is only one solution: to  overthrow the  Islamic Republic system through a revolutionary struggle with the goal of destroying all of its reactionary class and religious relations and values and instead establish a new state which would be really by the people and for the people and would pursue the goal of organising a new society based on a new  economy, new politics and new social relations – a kind of society that we communists call a socialist society and which we consider a road to achieve a kind of world without any  sort of oppression and exploitation,  a communist world.

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