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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Communist Party India (Maoist)—International Committee to Support people's War in- India Part 2

From International Committee SPW India;

Our party, which further carries on the legacy of Naxalbari, has always seen
the New Democratic revolution we carry out in India as an integral part of
the world socialist revolution, our Party, ie the Communist Party, as a
detachment of the world proletarian vanguard, the PLGA as a detachment of
the world proletarian army and the Revolutionary People's Committees
established here as a integral part of the global dictatorship of the
proletariat or global socialist state. The uncountable and invaluable
victims which the people and the comrades gave in our revolution, are also
an integral part of the countless beloved martyrs of the world socialist
revolution in each country. With this understanding, the different genuine
revolutionary currents in India, from Naxalbari onwards, realized solidarity
campaigns to support the revolutions and people's movements in other
countries, incuding the well-known solidarity campaigns with the revolutions
in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and the national liberation struggles in
Palestine, the Tamils in Sri Lanka , etc., as well as the resistance wars of
the Iraqi and Afghan peoples. The latest is our solidarity campaign to
support of the New Democratic Revolution in the Philippines, that of our
party called for on 22-28 April 2013.
Our party believes that such solidarity campaigns exist and can become
stronger only through the advances of the revolutionary movements which,
conversely, gain moral and material strength from such solidarity campaigns.
In the present world situation all the revolutionaries should deeply
understand this interaction, and we think that the Conference in Hamburg
could make the right step in this direction, because it was understood
The launch of the multi-pronged countrywide offensive under the name
Operation Green Hunt, that should be defined most properly as a war on
people, and the countless barbaric atrocities committed, as parft of it, by
the central and state mercenary reactionary armed forces, have put into rage
a wide range of people, of different views, both within India and throughout
the world, and led to huge protests and campaigns, which required its
immediate withdrawal. Ceaseless efforts at national and international level
were made by revolutionary, democratic, progressive forces in support of the
fighting people in India and to make pressure on the Indian state to stop
the attack. The communist revolutionary forces around the world took the
right initiative to build also an international solidarity movement with the
people's war in India. The campaign to end the Operation Green Hunt and the
solidarity movement in support of the people's war in India complement each
other, and the Anti-Operation Green Hunt programs should be integral part of
the solidarity movement with the Indian revolution, because to defeat this
multi-pronged nationwide campaign by the enemy is an immediate task facing
us. Our party believes that for the communist forces that support the
people's war in India the need of the hour is to strive to mobilize as
broadly as possible the anti-imperialist, democratic and revolutionary
forces to strengthen the campaign to end the Operation Green Hunt, aiming to
build a worldwide anti-imperialist front, that is already in the process.
And the further strengthening the unity of the communist forces around the
world would also provide more support for the Indian Revolution.
Imperialism goes through its worst crisis to date and, on the other hand,
the struggles of the working class and the other oppressed classes and
sections of the people, the national liberation struggles and the people's
wars in the in the semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries grow up. The New
Democratic Revolution in the semi-feudal and semi-colonial or neocolonial
countries and the socialist revolutions in the capitalist-imperialist
countries, which form the two streams of the world socialist revolution,
advance at unequal levels, and the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is more and more
grasped by the people as their guiding ideology. People are becoming
increasingly aware that the imperialists, their lackeys/puppets ruler in the
oppressed countries and all kinds of reactionaries are common enemies of all
the oppressed peoples and nations in the world, and join more and more in
the fighting ranks. All the basic contradictions in the world and in every
country increase and intensify day by day. To be exact, the world situation
is excellent for the world the revolution. Thus, the urgent task of
communists everywhere in the world is to take profit as well as possible of
the excellent objective conditions to politically mobilize and consolidate
the oppressed masses and strengthen the subjective forces, because only a
strong proletarian party and consolidated masses can successfully make
The current financial crisis in the world capitalist system is sinking more
and more. It intensified the internal contradictions in the capitalist
system as a whole and gives birth to huge mass movements, revolts and
revolutions. Imperialism is already on the death bed, as our great marxist
teacher Lenin analyzed, and the current crisis impressively confirmed this
fact. In an unequal capitalist world, the crisis also reflects unequally in
the different countries. So we communists should apply the universal theory,
the Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in the concrete practice in our respective
countries, and our preparations or practice should be consistent to lead our
revolution to success. As all of you correctly said, in the capitalist
countries movements of workers, Students, youth, women etc. must be
developed, and the support to the people's wars in other countries also is
an inseparable international task for each proletarian party.
In response to the great trust in us by all the fraternal parties and
Organizations that had the initiative to organize this conference and to
make it a success , we promise once more the Revolution in India continue to
strengthen and advance to the To fulfill dreams of the martyrs of the world
socialist revolution , despite the heavy losses of senior management and the
loss of some comrades Areas .
In response to the great trust in us by all the fraternal parties and
Organizations that took the initiative to organize this conference and make
it a success, we promise once more the revolution in India will continue to
strengthen and advance to fulfill the dreams of the martyrs of the world
socialist revolution, despite the heavy losses of senior leaders and the
loss of some areas.
The International Conference dealt a hard blow to imperialism and the
India's ruling classes and, at the same time, filled with hope the great
ocean of the proletariat and the oppressed toiling masses about the New
Democratic Revolution in India and the World Socialist Revolution.
On this background, we once again pledge before all of you that we would
carry on the lofty aims of all great martyrs of the world proletarian
revolution and announce that no amount of fascist repression can subdue the
fighting spirit of our Party and the revolutionary people of India, who go
laboriously and lengthy on a tortuous path. We will march forward with
renewed determination braving all kinds of odds and making sacrifices till
the final victory. This is our promise the international proletariat, to all
the friends and well-wishers of Indian revolution.
* Long live the proletarian internationalism !
* Long live the unity of the international proletariat , revolutionary
and democratic forces and the oppressed nations and peoples of the
all over the world !

With revolutionary greetings,
Ganapathy, Secretary, CPI (Maoist )

Also from Maoist Revolution

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