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Tuesday, December 03, 2013


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Fascism in the country

As expected, by scientific definition, fascism Correa and Alianza País saying goes in Ecuador, the destruction of liberal democratic rights is almost total, how examples: the National Assembly (bourgeois parliament) has lost all its ability to legislate and oversee the AN is just a puppet of Correa, with all the old state spaces are cornered it ad nauseam by the stalwarts of the regime as happened with the appointment of Ochoa in the Telecommunications. Corporatism is another sign, popular and independent trade unions have almost disappeared, now everything is controlled by the fascist puppet government using their pseudo - communists of the JCE, the PS -FA and others.
Look magazine recently published its report of 500 ECUADOR 'S BIGGEST COMPANIES, where it looks like the Supermaxi, Fybeca, Banco del Pichincha, etc. groups. , Have increased their profits by up to 200 and 300 percent in the last 5 years, ie during the fascist government of Correa rich are richer than ever! And abroad up, the Correa government is a puppet of alliances and conflicts that exist between the imperialist superpowers such as the U.S. , China and Russia , this is evident in the political- diplomatic, financial , commercial, etc. levels. A clear example of this is the trip he made servile Correa to Belarus to meet with the dictator Lukashenko.

The student movement

Part of the general and profound crises of Ecuadorian society is the great crisis that eats the student movement. The glorious times of large assemblies and student struggles against imperialism and oligarchy while that passed into history, all for the terrible handling and manipulation of revisionism. In the city of Latacunga, the last week of October this year 45 FEUE National Congress was held, involving only three subsidiaries (Latacunga, Ambato and Guayaquil). This is the sinister result of driving the opportunism of MPD in FEUE since 1980! Luis Villacis, Ciro Guzman, Marcelo Rivera and others have played the role of the student movement gravediggers. On the other hand, are the lackeys employees of " CEUPE " gobiernista and subsidiaries FEUE that were usurped by Alianza País, in this there are a few lively as Achilles Hervas, Joshua Villagomez and Cynthia Carrasco, students UNACH that engaged to divide the student movement and demand total obedience to correísmo, wages paid in the Governorate and walk around the country spreading fascism in public universities.
But not all bad news. Gradually, in schools and careers of several public universities (Quito, Riobamba, Loja, Ibarra ...) the student movement will recomposing under the leadership of the proletariat: the fruits are seen later ...and going to be a great harvest!

The electoral farce febrero/2014

As the wear of bureaucratic capitalism in the country and the conflicts between factions of the big bourgeoisie and landlords, the fascist regime has called for another election within the old bourgeois democracy for the month of February 2014. This time the Prefectures , Municipalities , Councils , Parish Councils ... carve booty that will make between Alianza País , CREO , PSP, MPD, PRE , PK, PRIAN , AVANZA be distributed among other politicians .
They'll come back with false promises the politicians offering gold and sky in exchange for votes, pretending to be the "saviors of the fatherland" when in reality they are just a bunch of opportunists, union hacks , careerists and servants of big business both public and private . And as usual the masses will be leaving deceived , frustrated and oppressed of all this electoral farce. So from now our Party rejects this electoral farce and call VOTE NULL, not to fall into the trap of the ruling classes and imperialism.

The International Conference of Madrid

The International Conference of Madrid, on October 19 of this year, convened by the Peru People's Movement and the Reconstitution of PCE Committee, with the participation of leading organizations from various countries. For content covered in the same, high Marxist debate, participants, decisions taken and the Open Letter to MCI (signed by the MPP, PCE and OTA - MLM), for all that constitutes a triumph of the international proletariat, a step forward in the long and complex process of regrouping the international communist movement.
Since we balance our trench and with communist morality are high: there were limitations and problems to solve, but most were fulfilled essentially internal and external objectives. The outlook for the regrouping of MCI is improving and will improve further in the future.

NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Communism

The Communists, as dialectical and historical materialist who we are, we believe that science has a class character, ie each class interprets and uses scientific knowledge according to their particular interests and their respective economic outlook. It is as if it were a machine gun: the gun is there, can be used by the bourgeois army to oppress, or the proletariat for the liberation of the people.
The Neuro -Linguistic - Programming and its complement - Emotional Intelligence is a new science , the science of the XXI century is about deep psychological aspects and having a wide range of applications : in medicine, sports, inter- personal relationships the economy and, of course , politics, in the case of communist revolutionary politics.
We must thoroughly study this subject and use it to the great communist cause, as it will allow us to use patterns of mass persuasion, self-motivation and perseverance within the Communist Parties and Revolutionary Organizations, a better way to convey our policy toward the masses, attract new styles of leadership in the unions and guilds, etc. All this ultimately to the Golden Communism is assimilated better shape by the masses of workers and communists have greater victories in the long road of struggle for a New Society.

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