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Sunday, December 08, 2013

Turkish prisoners 2000 - We will not forget

From International Solidarity Committee with Political Prisoners;

We will not forget the revolutionary prisoners who were brutally murdered on
December 19th 2000 in the prisons in Turkey!

On December 2000 the security forces of the fascist Turkish state started a
parallel bloody operation in 22 prisons, resulting in the killing of 28
revolutionary prisoners. The directive of this bloody operation was given by
the coalition government at that time DSP, ANAP and MHP, during the
operation hundreds of prisoners were injured. In prisons like the ones in
the provinces of Diyarbakir, Buca, Ümraniye and Ulucanlar the F-type prison
system (Isolation system) -which had been in plan for a long time- started
to be implemented following December 19th. With the outcome of the F-type
prison system until this day the repression against revolutionary prisoners
still continues.
The F-type prisons mean; isolation, tredman practice, a policy control the
thoughts and minds of the revolutionary prisoners and to make them
surrender. The F-type system was not just a policy against the prisons it
was a policy against the entire society. It was especially a product of a
long-term strategy of the imperialist politics to control and suppress the
society. Despite all the oppression and massacres the revolutionary
prisoners did not bow down to the isolation system. Even if they lost gained
rights they showed a determined attitude in their resistances, despite all
difficulties and disadvantages. After the massacre of December 19th, 122
people died in the death fasting inside and outside the prisons, hundreds
became permanently disabled due to forced intervention.
The period of the F-type prisons which started with the massacre of December
19th continues until this day. The fascist AKP government-since 11 years in
power- practices and imposes the F-type prison system, isolation, visitation
prohibition, books and journals ban, letters prohibition, prisoners are
under camera surveillance, arbitrary transfers to other prisons without
informing relatives or their lawyers and exiles. Political prisoners are
facing all kinds of inhuman treatment and torture. Also many prisoners have
received life sentence since the AKP has come to power. As a result of these
oppressive and suppressive policies, 162 prisoners are suffering terminal
diseases and 544 are ill due. Due to this arbitrary treatment the ministry
of justice and the prison administrations are blocking the urgent treatments
of the ill prisoners.
While starvation, poverty, misery and unemployment is increasing every day
in the country, the AKP government comes forward with lies such as the
"democratic package" to impose it on society but continues with new
massacres. On the 13th anniversary of the massacre of December 19th we once
more condemn the fascist, racist and oppressive policies of the AKP
government. We call upon all revolutionary and democratic organizations and
institutions to be responsive against the repression in the prisons.

    An Immediate release of all ill Prisoners and their Treatment should be
commenced Right Now!
    An End to Disciplinary Punishments in the cells!
    End to Torture and Ill treatment!

An End of the F-Type Cell System- Freedom for All Political Prisoners!
We Have Not and Will Not Forget the Massacre of December 19th!

Proletari Comunisti-PCmItaly

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