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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Was Jesus Christ morally a Communist and can the Church be an ally of the revolution?

By Harsh Thakor
Today on December 25th we celebrate Christmas, the most popular festival in the world which commemorates the birthday of Jesus.
One of the most complex questions is assessing this legendary prophet- Jesus. To scientific people the miracles were not true, nor his ressurection. However the religious minded people Christ ressurected and performed miracles. Over the centuries the ruling classes used Christianity as a tool for opression and the Church became the equivalent of a very powerful political body which influenced the functioning and political decisions of the State. The propertied classes used the Church as an instrument to opress the poor.
In the Spanish Inquisition the Red Indian massacre was sponsored by the Church. The Church offered support to slavery and supported supression of slave revolts. In the era of capitalism the Church was one of the leading allies of the factory owners.
The most debatable point is whether Jesus Christ would have ever supported the policies of the Catholic Church, over the centuries. Remember how he always stood up and championed the cause of the poor like a crusader..e waged a moral war against the Romans, Pharisees, moneylenders and all exploitation and injustice perpetrated. His teachings imbibed the communistic principles. Christ would almost certainly have fought against slavery in later history, evils against women, landlord opression and even anti-semitism. Christ displayed phenomenal courage when fearlessly walking to the cross. The Catholic Church indirectly blessed the persecution of the Jewish community which Jesus Christ would have been against.
True we have to question Christ on his stand on non-violence in his time. Maybe like M.K.Gandhi he could have even betrayed the revolutionary anti-colonial movements in the name of non -violence.However Christ's behaviour had greater depths of anti-rich, pro-poor attitude than Gandhi. Bertrand Russel was very critical on Jesus' assesment on hell. We have to combat the 'genesis' and the 'Adam and Eve' concept and defend evolution. We also have to refute concept of miracles. However we must remember that Jesus lived over 2000 years ago when Science had hardly progressed. What is most relevant is whether the Church could turn it's back to the opressors and take the side of the Revolution. In fact in today's context supporting revolutionary movements is much more tune to the teachings of Jesus Christ than supporting  and still support the revolutionary movements. We have to analyze how the Church manipulated Christian teachings to protect the interest o f the big landlords, slave -owners etc. Communists, remaining atheists need to imbibe the spiritual aspects of Christ. Revolutionaries  need to cultivate a change from 'within. 'We have something to learn from the 'spiritual' aspect of Jesus as against 'religious teachings. 'Remember how much the lives of Marx, Lenin Mao or Che reflected this aspect.

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