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Sunday, January 26, 2014

For Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

Bericht zur LLL-Demonstration 2014

I’ve posted this on behalf of many of my Facebook friends who really admire Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg.This is a Google Translation.

-សតិវ អតុ

By SoL and Maoist Road;

On Sunday, the 12th January, thousands gathered for the annual commemoration of the Murdered by the reaction founder of the German Communist Party, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxembourg, and the great leaders of the international proletariat, Lenin.
We have participated in the demonstration with its own quota, together with comrades from Norway and Austria, within the 3A - alliance block. At the beginning and the end of the demonstration, we sang the anthem of the international proletariat, the International. With our slogans—“ Proletarian Feminism for Communism !" Only the handle of the masses rifle socialism creates her! ", " The true face of their democracy : the mass murderers they are ," "Death to imperialism ! - People's war until communism " and many other of our block was a resolute, combative expression. Our block had an equally clear Marxist expression, among other things, to by honoring the classics of Marxism - Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao Tse -Tung - showed.

We are firmly convinced that only by proving the fallen revolutionaries their due honor, by making the revolution. This takes ideology and a party. We understand our actions as a contribution and we are very excited about the many positive reactions.
For the original of this in German click here.

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