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Thursday, January 23, 2014

NPR or Fox News—Some days I can’t tell the difference

It is finally getting to the point where NPR is beginning to sound like Faux (actually Fox) News. Most days I listen to their news and commentary, but yesterday was one of those days when I just couldn’t. First there is a sincere man dramatically describing these pictures of the dead he saw in this prison photo from a defector from the Assad (بشار حافظ الأسد) Regime in Syria and discussing how that government needs to be brought to justice.
“Thankfully we have a government in place to put these war criminals on trial,” He said. “I haven’t seen a more systematic killing process since Hitler.”
The world court he is talking about was set up mostly by first world countries that can punish any third world country they want, while no one can put most of the developed countries, as the US, on trial for anything.
And why does this bother me? Because at least 300,000 plus people have died in that civil war.  Also they are about to start peace talks which could eventually put an end to it. So how does pumping up the propaganda on one side help the peace process? Also how do the faces of any of the war’s dead not make a normal person feel a sense of horror? When was war ever pretty?
Next came commentary or should I say an apologist for our government’s involvement in Iraq. He carefully explains that the US has to get military aid and training to this newly formed ally government (actually a puppet). As he dragged on and on about our need to help out this stable ally (puppet). I finally got sick of listening to him and turned the radio off.
Later that day I drove to pick up my wife and NPR is giving a lengthy and glowing report from the March for Life 2014 taking place in Washington DC. This was complete with commentary as to how these dedicated marchers were braving the cold. They were mostly Catholic, but are now reaching out to the evangelicals who not only want to ban abortion, but want to make it illegal for people who benefit from Obama-care to use their own insurance to get birth control. Doesn’t birth control help eliminate the need for abortion? Duhhh!
And those beliefs, the commentator blathered on about, include forcing poor people to produce children who will be born into poverty. It’s a type of child abuse considering how these children will grow up in a world where they will have stiff competition for all resources, from living space to food, water and fuel for their cars.  
So I finally get tired of hearing about this fascist religion (a relic from the middle ages) and the evangelicals who want to force their idiot beliefs on the rest of us. I turned off this radio station that is supposed to be the “liberal alternative to the other stations.”
I had enough of that liberal alternative. I turned on 95.1, a station that mostly plays 90s rock, but also a few oldies. The music was much better than a so called liberal radio station that seems to be competing with Faux News.

-សតិវ អតុ

Elvis Costello, Radio Radio (1979)

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