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Sunday, February 16, 2014


The Following is a Google translation from Executive Committee of the Communist Worker’s Union (MLM)

Colombia against parliamentary cretinism and opportunist collaborationism:

The Party does not invent the forms of struggle, these are objective and historical. Hence draw a correct tactics, forcing the Communists to make the concrete and historical analysis of the struggle of the masses, the state of consciousness and organization. Such is the dialectic materialist basis of revolutionary tactics. But this analysis and evade taking the most radical forms of desirable revolutionary struggle is " leftism " throwing the party to go ahead alone, separated from the mass movement, it is also true that it is not enough to know the overall objective ascent or descent of the revolution, if you merely recognize existing forms of struggle possible at the time, to worship their spontaneity, to condemn the right-wing Party to march behind the lens of the mass movement. Marxism requires Communists learn from the struggle of the masses discover their objective tendencies towards new and higher forms of struggle and organization best served at this time (tactical period) the overall progress of the whole movement towards future goals (strategic) stage of the revolution, so as to influence party in the direction of such generalization and aware in the spontaneous movement of the masses making forms.
The attitude to the task of the Party of the proletariat, to prepare the working class and the masses for revolution, has caused division abysmal communists throughout its history; division that focuses and concentrates on the core problem of political struggle of classes: state power. Studying the experience of political struggles between the classes in the history of society , and in particular the political struggle of the workers against the power of the capitalists, styled Marxism a scientific theory : " All revolutions perfected this machine in instead of destroying it "..." the working class cannot simply just take possession of the state machinery and wield it for its own purposes "..." these words , ' break the bureaucratic-military state machine ' , locks , concisely expressed , the fundamental teaching of Marxism on the question about the tasks of the proletariat in the revolution against the State . "
This is the principled position of Marxism , to visualize and differentiate opportunism , that circumvent this fundamental problem of the revolution, not only distorts and misrepresents Marxism , but it corrupts the preparation of the working class and the masses for revolution.
Indeed, opportunism "forgets” the need to destroy the military machine of the old reactionary bureaucratic state, and instead, in practice is committed to reform, remodel, just taking possession of that machine to solve her problems people.
That is the strategy of opportunism, and accounts for his reformist tactics.
In Colombia, now the ruling classes will impose on society a campaign to lure people into the trap of the polls, presented as “juice democracy in the exercise of the sacred right of the people to choose their rulers." Actually bourgeois elections are a farce at the power of the capitalists, to conceal the class character of the state (bureaucratic- military machine dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, landowners and imperialism in Republican clothing), to legitimize the rulers you must run this dictatorship, manage and protect businesses of all capitalists. That bourgeois democrats red green , yellow and Polo, Patriotic March , Patriotic Union , Progressive ... who repudiate the class struggle , defend institutional perpetuity of the capitalist state , adopted the system of capitalist exploitation of wage labor , not intended or change the system or overthrow the state , but only to correct its monopolistic , tyrannical abuses ... all these parties to join the electoral farce staged by the capitalists to deceive and subdue the people , it's just expected, since they are reformers convinced and confessed , are the right hand of the power of the capitalists.
But that parties like Moir , Colombian Communist Party , Communist Party of Colombia Marxist Leninist , Maoist Communist Party of Colombia , Socialist Workers Party ... called themselves " communists" , "defenders" of Marxism and "representatives" of the interests of the proletariat , now invite people to vote ( by one or other or blank) , which excite the poor of the town and country with the alleged power in government without destroying the current state, which proclaim their superstitious faith in the parliamentary system of state administration and make the parliamentary struggle the only major form of political struggle of the poor , is classic parliamentary cretinism as called Lenin , is open and blatant collaboration with the bourgeoisie , working directly in the Government of the dictatorship of the capitalists, Marxists collaborationism convicted since the days of the Second International, as betrayal of the proletariat and the revolution. Behold opportunism on paper bag “left" the power of the capitalists, using Marxist revolutionary words against oppression and exploitation slogans, but in reality, focusing his political activity to take possession of the old state machine. It is criminal that these opportunist parties, serve to deceive the workers, peasants, displaced workers ilusionándolos recyclers and other problems that may resolve the few candidates who are just chips and puppets in the great farce staged by the capitalists.
Genuine communists and revolutionaries cannot be silenced with the flow today lies vomit operators by all means to justify their domination or collaboration before providing them the bourgeois democratic parties and especially opportunistic , distracting the people of the path direct struggle with his conscience clouding illusions politicking , and preventing understand the need to destroy the socialist revolution with the bureaucratic- military machine from the power of the exploiters, and replace it with a new state of armed workers and peasants , necessary to proceed with the expropriation of the appropriators .
Contrary to political abstention preached anarchism, or contemplative lackadaisical attitude when "Left-Wing " real communists and revolutionaries cannot be indifferent to the spontaneous political action of the Colombian people to abstain before the farce consolidated action as a trend from National Front 1958-1974 times when the open alliance of bourgeois and landowners against the people, openly showed the phony nature of their choices. And more today, when this tendency is reinforced by the rise of mass political strikes with flashes of generalization , as the way to fight the real and more effective masses now , to confront the anti-worker and anti- imperialist- dictated policies and launched by the reactionary ruling classes .
These objective conditions of the mass movement (electoral abstention and political strikes) tend toward the revolutionary tactic of demanding the most urgent immediate demands of the people directly to the State and the Government, through its direct and conquer, street, mass struggle, “the fact paths “and independent of the politicians. But this tendency is spontaneous, with just seeds of consciousness, and then up to the genuine communists and revolutionaries, raise the level of awareness of the whole movement , pointing out the revolution, definitely unique perspective to succeed , helping them understand that antagonistic class contradictions and military force of the State used to treat all labor and political conflicts caused by these contradictions are acts contrary to the peace talk of the rulers, who force workers to transform the unarmed political struggle , fighting armed political ( war of the people against their oppressors and exploiters) , discovering in the eyes of the masses, why fight electoral politicking today, not a preparation of the working class and the masses for revolution , but away from the road revolutionary, the confused , divided , demobilization , putting it to sleep in the torpor of illusions and promises politicking , and finally, raising the consciousness of the proletariat on the need to regain their independence class , embodied primarily in re- organized itself as a political party and independent of all other classes .
A POLITICAL CAMPAIGN is then anti-electoral , political activity should top the moment genuine communists and revolutionaries, organizing broad Committees against electoral farce , which contribute propaganda and agitation to expose the class nature of the state and dictatorial and bourgeois democracy ; organize events and political mobilizations against electoral farce, calling the masses of the people to VOTE NO nor reactionary , nor the reformists, or by opportunists , encouraging workers to keep up his hand and push in the fight street directly against the state of the capitalists and the government that represents them , to become murals , graffiti , posters and banners revolutionary slogans :

Against Peace Liars of the Rich and their Farce
Elections: No Vote, Merge and generalize
The Workers' Struggle and Popular!
Down Rotten State and Bourgeois elections:
Experience the Future Status of Workers and Campesinos!
Neither the State nor the politicians,
Save Only the Village People!
Executive Committee – A

For the entire article in Spanish click here.

Comité Ejecutivo – Unión Obrera Comunista (MLM) 

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