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Monday, February 03, 2014


Lately the Communist Party of Ecuador—Red Sun’s blog (Partido Comunista de Ecuador – Sol Rojo) has done a fine job of posting on their site regularly. So here is another fine article. I have used Google to translate (and I had to fine tune this article because Google did a shit job) it from Spanish to English. To view the origional in Spanish click here. -សតិវ អតុ

“Only fools or knaves may believe that the proletariat must first win a majority in voting conducted under the yoke of the bourgeoisie, under the yoke of wage slavery , and only then should conquer power . This is the height of stupidity or hypocrisy , that is to replace the class struggle and revolution by voting under the old regime, under the old power." - VI Lenin

Imperialism through an increasingly acute crisis and with it the countries submitting—it's no different than the situation in Ecuador—comes from grave to grave. The big bourgeoisie and big landlords know and to that extent they have undertaken with a restorative process that looks for ways to neutralize palearla and with it the growing popular discontent with correct line breaks to give the historical conquest of power .
It is within this context of crisis of the old state and its reform in the elections unfold to choose regional governments .
This new election process is particularly important for the bureaucratic bourgeoisie because it would prolong congenial conditions for further restructuring of the state, to establish certain changes in the "production matrix" that say the regime "fosters industrialization " The process definitely will not go beyond industry to develop some additional transnational production ( imperialist ) which is what truly moves the squalid national productive system. Well what José Carlos Mariátegui said;  “imperialism does not allow the development of national industry.”
The possibility that the domestic industry is unlikely to develop under the figure of a country like ours which remains semi-feudal (Keep semi-feudal production relations, poor development of the productive forces, estates, gamonalismo, semi bonded servitude) and semi in which a colonial bureaucrat capitalism gone mainly to U.S. imperialism today in conflict with other imperialist powers, particularly developing China.
It is written and shown that the class character of elections in any exposures within the bourgeois -landlord democracy—think of the opportunity to participate in them, support them or avalarlas but nothing but an act of betrayal of the class, the people—ideological capitulation to the old state and the bourgeois ideology that in these spaces—the ability to validate their implementation policy and with it the whole system of oppression of the proletariat, poor peasantry and other exploited and oppressed masses of the country .
But what to do: boycott ! Find all mechanisms that meet organizational levels and impact on the masses depart demonstrate the incompatibility between the elections and the popular decision between voting and exercising power. Convene NO VOTE! We've previously held, thousands of youth and other children of the people are not required to participate in the electoral process. As we work with them, we spread within the young rebel hearts the need not to strengthen or improve bourgeois democracy and yes argue in theory and in practice the urgent and unavoidable need to walk the path of the people, the democratic way is the New Democracy with people's War .
" ... The main thing is to boycott the elections and if possible prevent them. Why propose this? What will the people win? [ ... ] Nothing is going to win the election renewal, that I think is a very clear thing in history.” -P. Gonzalo
The electoral circus has begun and with it the intention of revisionism use the " electoral trenches" to deceive the masses, establesh within the Pharisee, burda democracy, class (bourgeois ). Well President Gonzalo says, ‘nothing can be expected of the people of the elections or a new government,’ " the tendency is to reject " and you have to work on that deal because people recognize them to a system of bourgeois -landlord system that does not match the program and the tasks of the proletariat and the people.
We must expose revisionism and opportunism of old and new fangled converging on constitutionalism and bourgeois elections to distract the masses and foster in them the renunciation of the struggle for power, the violent struggle for sovereign and conquer all of misplacing immediate tasks as New Democratic revolution whose foundation is manifested as one of the forms of the dictatorship of the proletariat under construction.
Always remember that elections make viable the bureaucratic path is via the bourgeois -landlord . That paves combat the democratic way, which is the way of the people under proletarian leadership in the New Democracy .


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