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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Why Do Some St. Louis County Cops Wear Military-Style Camouflage Uniforms?

Today we don’t have to look far for examples of the militarism of police. Here is an article from St. Louis, MO on police who now wear military fatigues as if they were in Afghanistan or Iraq. Our government tries to desensitize us to the view of police or military use of fatigues in this country.  Why do St. Louis Police NEED military fatigues to police the population there. This article is just one more example of military uniforms used to get the US population used to seeing soldiers of any places in the US where a police presence is needed. -សតិវ អតុ

From The River Front Times;

By Ray Downs 

Ever see St. Louis County cops in camouflage military fatigues on the street and wonder why they're dressed like they're going to Iraq instead of Creve Coeur?
That's the county's Tactical Operations Unit -- the SWAT team -- and Sergeant Matthew Pleviak tells Daily RFT that the camouflage is worn so the SWAT cops can "blend in with the environment."
Blend in with the environment of Creve Coeur?
"If you go to any subdivison, there's grass and trees and bushes," Pleviak explains.
SWAT teams wearing military camouflage is not new. It's been done since at least after the Vietnam War when a few Special Weapons and Tactics teams in police departments around the country began wearing fatigues as opposed to all-black or blue uniforms during raids or standoffs.
What is new -- or at least newer -- is that SWAT teams like the St. Louis County's Tactical Operations Unit are also used during more mundane situations, such as arresting Monsanto protesters for allegedly blocking the driveway of the company's campus.
…. And utilizing specially trained officers wearing military uniforms in such situations reminds some people of that growing topic of debate: Are camouflage uniforms a sign of police militarization?
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