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Saturday, March 08, 2014

My favorite women revolutionaries- March 8- International Woman's Day

This is International Woman's Day. While I usually attend some event to celebrate women, this year I can't make anything. So here are some women I admire from our revolutionary past:

Róża Luksemburg

Was a Jewish German Marxist theorist, socialist philosopher. She was a revolutionary and a member of the German Socialist Democratic Party.

She founded the The Red Flag (Die Rote Fahne) journal. After the SPD's supporting German participation in World War I she co-founded, with Karl Liebknecht, the revolutionary Spartacist League (Ger: Spartakusbund) that later became the Communist Party of Germany.

Louise Michel

She was a leading active Taking part in the Paris Commune as an ambulance woman, treating those injured on the barricades. On the establishment of the Commune, she joined the National Guard. She had been an anarchist-Marxist.

江青(Jiang Qing)

She was one of the most powerful women during the late Maoist years in the People's Republic of China. She was the widow of 毛泽东 (Mao Zedong) the head of the government of China, until he died in 1975.

Emma Goldman

Emma Goldman was an anarchist activist and writer who was active mostly around the early 1900s. She was a major theoretician and she was important to workers movements of that period, in the USA.

Khieu Ponnary (ខៀវ ប៉ុណ្ណារឹ)

The former and first wife of Po Pot (ប៉ុល ពត), may have been one of the most astute Marxist women in the Marxist Leninist nation world, at one time. She was his mentor when he was in Paris and had joined the Marxist circle that would later become the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kampuchea. She was considered one of the more intellectual members of the inter circle. She as born 1920 in Phnom Penh, died July 1, 2003 in Pailin.
She became the spouse of Pol Pot in 1956. Khieu Ponnary was the first female Cambodian to graduate from high school, and the first Khmer woman to earn a bachelor's degree from Phnom Penh's elite Lycee Sisowath. She was the first Khmer woman to receive a bachelor's degree in Paris, France.
She probably wrote a lot of articles for the Party’s paper, but she never signed them. She was head of the national women's association of Democratic Kampuchea.
She had mental problems that began way before the CPK started the armed struggle and then took control of the country. When they did take power she went to a hospital, in Beijing, with mental illness. Her husband left her in the 1980s for a younger wife, Meas.
Whether she would have had a good impact or a bad one is still unknown. Since she wasted away in a mental hospital until after the demise of the Democratic Kampuchea rebel movement. She lived with relatives until she died. We may never know if she could have improved the way things were going in Democratic Kampushea.

 -សតិវ អតុ

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