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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

National - Fascist Ukraine Government unleashes war against the people

From Ukrainian Communist Party, and Fraccion Roja;
This was translated from Russian to Spanish by S. Josaphat Comín. It was translated to English by Google, and adjusted by -សតិវ អតុ.

They have christened the anti-terrorist operation, being implemented in the south and east, as nothing more that a war against our own people. These are statements of the Ukrainian Communist leader and head of the parliamentary group of the Ukrainian Communist Party Rada, Piotr Simonenko.
Piotr Simonenko said that for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, the government uses military units against Ukrainian citizens, who live in the east and southeast, who from the very beginning of independence, demanded the recognition of Russian as a co-official language.
"The government has launched against its own citizens, manifested by holding a referendum on federalization, and extending the powers of regional government bodies, the use of tanks and armor. The Communist Party strongly condemns the use of violence, "said the leader of the PCU.
Piotr Simonenko said the use of weapons against citizens of Ukraine, who defend their legitimate rights, has been possible as a result of the Ukraine government being taken over by national - fascists.
"From the earliest days of the administration, the oligarchic - national regime has done nothing to ensure peace, stability and order in the country. On the contrary, all acts have been directed only to incite national discord, frighten dissidents, unleash terror, fire, and beating people.
As a result of this policy of betrayal, and the implementation of the ideology of neo-Nazism, Ukraine has lost Crimea, and has dramatically worsened the situation in the east and southeast of the country."
At the same time, Piotr Simonenko has called all healthy political forces and society at large to support the initiative of the Communist Party on the need to hold a referendum as soon as possible to define the Ukraine administrative and territorial organization and granting extensive rights to local governing bodies.
" Only then can we preserve the integrity and unity of the country," said Piotr Simonenko.

For Fraccion Roja and the article in Spanish, click here.

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