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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Are we just rebellious teenagers for wanting a job?!—Alpha Testing says YES!

Fall-out from the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision!

What could be a more telling statement than that of Jim Hillhouse, president of Alpha Testing, that he thinks of his employees as “rebellious teenagers?” That is from an interview he gave to NPR in reaction to the US Supreme Court’s decision to allow Hobby Lobby to deny its employees healthcare—certain birth control methods that the company claims violate its religious beliefs.
Hillhouse actually said: ‘You go by my rules if you want to live here.’—in response to any of his employees who have disagree with his anti-choice position. He actually talked of them as if there were just his children. What could be more infuriating and humiliating that to be treated as children by an employer? As with many of such employers, he said his workers have chosen to work there and they can go elsewhere if they really want to. To anyone who has looked for a job lately, that excuse for pushing his employees around is pure bull shit. People work where they can and not just where they want to. It is not a choice as if we really can’t afford to choose where we work.
People as him are a perfect example of why people as me are Marxists and why we refuse to practice the religion of our oppressors. He also said that all the women he employs agree with his decision. Even though he signs their paycheck and can hold that over their heads and even though he sees himself as a father figure to them, he had the nerve to insist they can disagree with him if they really want to. And he said he has a ‘special relationship with his employees.’ I guess by special he means they bow down to his every command—OR ELSE.
He sounds like a man with grandeur illusions of superiority over his employees. He claims to be “working for God” and doesn’t mind setting himself up as a god-head.  Hillhouse and another person interviewed said they see their companies as an extension of their evangelical beliefs and practices. They see themselves as ministers. They made it clear they have the right and the “calling” to use their businesses to promote their religious beliefs.
These people see workers as children and they are willing to deny us the right to human dignity that an adult in this country should have. Any worker who is willing to accept this treatment on its face value needs to be treated by a psychologist for having low self esteem problems. No one has the right to use their position in a corporation to push their poison religious beliefs down our throats. Many of us have no need for such a mythical religion and no need for those who try to push it on us.
- សតិវ អតុ

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