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Monday, July 07, 2014

Europeans have immigrant problems also…

From  Maoist Revolution:
Once more the boats of immigrants gave back corpses, after those sown in the sea in the past days. The daily images of men, women and children who arrive to Italy after a horrible sea crossing to face another tragic ordeal as well as those of black bags where corpses are put, without a decent burial, have become usual.
The bourgeois government, the ignoble Prime Minister and Minister of Interiors, repeat their hateful hypocrisy, unloading the problem on European Union to clear their dirty conscience, while media give room to racist jackals.
The Italian government “is left alone in dealing with this tragedy” because the imperialist Europe, of which Italy is a party, wants this. The imperialist Europe along with U.S. are the main responsible for the massive wave of refugees escaping from the wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, African countries, Palestine. The pluder on peoples, reactionary imperialist wars for the control on energy sources in the contention in the world market in the geostrategical region of Mediterranean Sea bring about death on lands and in the sea.
These deaths give birth to a horror without end, to which we only can oppose the revolutionary struggle to put an end to the horror. But we also can not repeat undefinitely the same complaints, we need solidarity and a “full contact” struggle to save lives and fight the governments.
We need solidarity and hospitality policies, freedom of movement, using funds and energies that should be removed from military spending, for F35 and new weapons, for military interventions abroad, and from the military servitudes; solidarity and hospitality must be organized with a sort of "civilian army" that combine genuine volunteers and jobs for thousands of unemployed. We must impose to local governments and authorities across the country the building and use of decent facilities for hospitality and care, the abolition of the anti-immigrants laws and the closure of concetration and expulsions centres. And, while Italian government insists on the responsibility of European Union, it should decide to consider the funds for this purpose as something out of the “Stability Pact” and “fiscal compact”, it should consider the funds for immigration emergency as credits rather than debts.
These demands should be supported by initiatives and mobilization of workers, toilers, temporary workers, unemployed, women, in unity with the immigrants themselves, supporting their forms of self-organization. This will also helps to subtract workers, unemployed to the racist demagogy broadly spread by the State, political parties and all the forces that have found new nourishment from the European elections.
In a boundary imperialist country like ours, we communists, workers and people's movement, have to take a trench position, in words and deeds, we should think of a new national structure that can jointly mobilize the forces of the class and movements and the forces of immigrants themselves, and organize strongholds and a national mobilization at least in the two key areas of emergency, which can be today Palermo in Sicily and Taranto. Among the mass of migrants emerges also the sad and unacceptable double emergency of women who often are pregnant, raped, burdened by their children, this reality should be answered with a double effort of support and organization.
The clubs of proletari comunisti and branches of Slai cobas for the class union are ready to play a frontline role and to collect their forces, but without a national support and participation we will not be able to go beyond the complaint and the “exemplary action” that sure is correct but also inadequate for a trench-emergency position.
Facts, not words, mobilization.
Let us build within September the conditions to do more.

proletari comunisti, PCm Italy Palermo and Taranto @

Slai cobas for the class Union - national committee
Proletarian Revolutionary Feminist Movement - Palermo, Taranto.

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