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Friday, July 18, 2014


For those wondering what happened to the people of panama after the US invasion here are excerpts from
Partido Comunista (Marxista-Leninista) de Panamá:

For 25 years, as a result of criminal and illegal armed invasion of U.S. imperialism which, in its traumatic effects is credited with the worsening of the protracted political crisis with no end thus for bureaucratic comprador classes dominant in Panama are desperately struggling to shore up its shattered state. Event, for two and a half decades ago, pushes search reconstitution, put it up and carry it through a series of reforms to its constitutional order, institutional adjustments and restructuring of political unity within the ruling classes, so and so combining the alliances of great traditional political parties.
All their projects open and honest solution to this political crisis have failed. As has been forced to perform them behind the scenes and behind the working class, the peasantry and large masses of native nationalities. Defunct military dictatorship, placed in front of the puppet government, sworn and put forward the scheme for the same U.S. military authorities occupiers, at the latter, it has been proposed to reorganize through II da   Great Reform of State and System Government, hidden behind such designs syrupy anodyne phrases that if "our democracy building", "modernization" and / or "refounding" of the state. Misleading and aimed at cajoling addled population wording.
But is projected II gives . Great State Reform and the oligarchic Republic in a presidential, corporatist and neo-fascist sense carries within itself its denial because she really deny popular sovereignty and that further cuts and dwindling political freedoms and social rights of the working classes country. Anyway, this reform oligarchic power without a genuine, real and revolutionary change thereof is already starting flawed, doomed to lead to failure. By its content, form and method of implementation, direction and objectives of this II da Great Reformation of the state system and the system of government, a real reactionary, undemocratic and aimed to consolidate the one-class monopoly of power in favor of a handful of rich men counter and superrich, vitiating itself and therefore any progressive sense of it, it does not give any power to the people. Reinforces, however, the class dictatorship of big capital and which hides the true loincloth colonial master of the country, U.S. imperialism.
Fiction of popular sovereignty, orphans of any democratic order. Joint dictatorship of the bureaucrat-comprador class monopoly capital, the landlord monopoly capital and the imperialist monopoly capital, centrally conculcador from that of genuine democracy in the country Yankee imperialism.
But as class placed back into history and genuine political, social and national interests of the Panamanian simple working people, it has persisted for all these 25 years in the realization of their political designs unpopular reactionary reformers. Reforms emparchadoras old, now thrown into the trash basket as toilet paper, and consistent steps on institutional reforms militaristic constitution; actually enthronement of corruption, bribery and "steals stolen" institutionalized. The teasing, sassy and cynical, the real will of the electorate consulted, electoral fraud, taxation and dirty in her exclusive use and benefit.
At this point, are we surprised the electoral debacle of May 4, last, suffered by all major political parties of oligarchic capital? No we Communists (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama. In those elections the bourgeoisie as a whole failed to achieve favorable for projects of state reform consensus. When 61% of the population rejected the current power system and the current political regime, rejecting any trick designed to give continuity to this dying system. Those results saw it coming, we denounce with time and act accordingly, we call on workers and the poor people to electoral abstention in these Elections.
The vast majority of the electoral population, participant and non-participant, do not trust this ailing state, the current institutional system, or the system of oligarchic and fascist political parties, and has clearly opposed constitutional order. By which, contrary and violated once again the people's will, manifested that day at the polls, the ruling classes - When not - have been carried out on the same day a huge FRAUD ELECTORAL have been illegally distributed the armchairs government and forged a new political alliance in power. But the crisis persists and continues its inexorable march to ruin the whole country, its conversion into social crisis, sharpening of the class struggle and its popular leading to the oligarchic revolution.
The political crisis of the ruling classes and ruling classes has not been settled, when on the contrary, has taken another step in its aggravation ... and the need to be resolved through the direct intervention of the working people.
"God blind who want to lose", says an old proverb expensive believers. Thus the bourgeoisie still persists in its thirteen, has the reins of power in his hands and not let go goodly. It is bent on carrying his black designs of II gives . Great Reform of the State and the Republic has its expires, regardless. Has not cooled the Presidential Chair. Poltronudo outgoing heat, when the new government of fascist and pro-imperialist Yankee Varela as junk dealer has been to proclaim his bad merchandise, the urgency of the call for a National Constituent Assembly.
Why and why you need the bourgeoisie apandillada in the new PP-PRD alliance with the incoming president head Opus Deist and fascist Juan Carlos Varela, the urgency of the convocation of the Constituent Assembly?
Because he can no longer hide more in the eyes of the people, of the working class and the popular classes, the severity and depth of the crisis of the state. Hence the need for a diversionary denier of all direct and independent participation of the working masses and popular in the affairs of the old state and the old Republic, and semi-feudal oligarchic masses. To hide from the eyes of the people the fact that dominant, working behind the scenes and in the dark full time, are 25 years elapsed!, Has completed plans and construction of a new form of state, presidential, corporatist and neo-fascist clear marking. You need now legitimize everything planned and conducted so far. And the only way not violentista type coup, and that U.S. imperialism would not tolerate it, turns out to be the Constituent.
But a sovereign Constituent Assembly with full powers, will believe the ordinary citizen, but a cut, flawed and controlled. What a surprise! The government bureaucratic oligarchy, sounding the alarm about the constituent, which has been kept under Fullera sleeve one letter, a trump card: The Constituent Assembly Parallel !

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