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Thursday, July 03, 2014

VIVA DAY of HEROISM (in Peru)!

This is a Google Translation, as well as some retooling by me. I like the quality and style of writing by this organization and their blog. So even though it is difficult to translate this from Spanish it is worth it. - សតិវ​ អតុ

From Partido Comunista Del Ecuador – Sol Roja (Communist Party of Ecuador—Red Sun):

Centuries sink, idols fall.
Cracking an old order of oppression,
And in a flash of fire mountain,
Cleave night with his big knife.

The seas are stirred, the storm rages,
And the big mess the sun rises,
Without political power all is but an illusion
Storm the heavens with the power of the gun.

The international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world we remember with profound optimism class fighters and comrades of the Shining Trenches of Combat in Peru.
The historical experience of the Paris Commune, the October Revolution, the revolution of the proletariat and people in China gave us examples of struggle and sacrifice that have transmuted to transcend death, until the final victory: communism.
No different is the stoic struggle by comrades of the Communist Party of Peru in the dungeons of the old state converted by fighters in combat trenches, by tensed ideology, communist morality and the deep conviction of the principles and objectives.
The cowardly attacks on Shining Trenches of Combat by reaction hyenas have no relation whatsoever. The brutality, cruelty and discretion with which acted obviously responded to a fully developed strategy by imperialism, with significant casualties they printed in rows of comrades, they could not break the will to fight and the decision of the communists "crossing the river of blood" that "stretch of blood" that lay between claudication and the need to move decisively without mediating any sacrifice.
Today these sites of struggle and victory written by the comrades of the LTC are a support to pursue the ideals of People's War in Peru, an ideological and political foundation that nurtures-definitely-the processes of construction and reconstruction of Communist Parties new type in the world knowing that our lives are nothing compared to the goals of conquest of power and unyielding struggle for communism.
The proletariat and people of Ecuador recognizes PCP comrades, fighters of the light Trenches of Combat and his stoic expression of class to give their life for the people and the party of revolution as one of the most outstanding acts of indomitable spirit and exemplifying communist.

Honor and Glory to their memory.
Today let the comrade's history rule,
Written with our blood.
New pages of glory.

For the original in Spanish click here.

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