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Friday, August 01, 2014

Israel hides its military casualties

The following is a Google translation from Spanish to English;

The "Israel Defense Forces' (sic) announced the arrest of several soldiers suspected of having leaked information about the number of casualties recorded during Israeli military aggression against the Gaza Strip.
Measures have also been taken for publication only official information and the soldiers of various units have confiscated their personal cell phones.
Since the beginning of its offensive against the Gaza Strip, July 8, 2014, Israel has acknowledged the death of 32 Israeli soldiers in Palestinian territory and 2 civilians in Israel. But the true number of deaths among the Israeli military seems to have risen to about 60.
The Palestinians, for their part, recognize the death of 788 people and injured 4750.
At the same time, Israel continues to assert that its 'Iron Dome' intercepts effectively Palestinian rockets despite evidence that this is false. The fact is that the "Iron Dome" only intercept short-range rockets while Islamic Jihad has a large arsenal of medium-range Iranian missiles.
Israel, that "only democracy in the Middle East" (sic) proclaims fact has one of the world's tighter systems of military censorship. The Israeli armed forces have, in fact, the ability to block any news and any media outlet.

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