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Monday, September 29, 2014

Kurdish National Congress: Stop ISIS attacks

Kurdish Guerrilla fighters are being attacked by ISIS. This is a crude Google translation of a Spanish language statement from the Kurdish National Congress, from Luminoso Futuro:
- សតិវ អតុ

YPG-fighter in Kobanê. Photo: Carl Drott
28/09/14 - The Executive Committee of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), in
45 Kurdish organizations have joined forces in an urgent appeal to the
international public opinion. During attacks of terrorist militias in Iraq ISIS
and Southern Kurdistan have been observed and condemned the attacks ISIS Rojava are ignored
The Executive Committee of the KNK inaction "coalition" (United States and other countries, air strikes against lead ISIS) ISIS position in Kobanê. Vice President Nilüfer Koç writes: "If it happened in Kobanê a tragedy, then the public Kurds to Turkey and the USA, Europe and other coalition members blame encourage coups coalition the other parts of Syria. attacking ISIS Kobanê., this is unacceptable. the Kurdish National Congress of resistance in Kobanê compared with the fascist resistance in world War II, he complains that the coalition against ISIS attacks are not around the city of Kobané, the fact that they attack other parts of Iraq and Syria, but the ISIS has a free hand in Kobanê, awakened in Kurds public and doubt the sincerity of the intentions of the coalition. "
For more information:
Glory to Revolution Rojava!
We salute the regional self-government enshrined in the smaller area of Kurdistan Rojava, Cizire, Kobane and Efrin. For the working class is a joy and an accomplishment that linguistic identity and colonial oppression has been disrupted and that, based on the rights of peoples, have established democratic political structures.
The new raid Revolution Rojava printed force the people of the Middle East and germ revolutionary struggles. We call on all revolutionaries, anti-fascist and anti-colonial Turkey and Northern Kurdistan, to fulfill the purposes of taking Cizire democratic governments, and Efrin Kobane and Rojava Revolution. Our Party will continue its advocacy to ensure achievement of fully hit the colonial oppression and revolution in Rojava.

Biji Koletî Bimre Azadi!
Şehîd Namirin! Thousands of greetings to immortal Rojava revolution!
Equal rights for nations and tongues!
Long live the proletarian internationalism!
MLCP Turkey / Northern Kurdistan

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