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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Philippines—Capture of ex-NPA in Cagayan de Oro

From Philippine Web Central:

The police and armed forces issued a false statement in saying that Victoriano Dimco, whom they captured in September 5, 2014 in Brgy. Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City, is an active member of the New People’s Army in North Central Mindanao. This is merely a desperate move on the part of the Aquino regime to save face amidst offensive actions of the NPA in the region.
Victoriano Dimco, aka “Ka Berting” is a former NPA member. After almost a decade of service in the revolutionary movement as a Red fighter, he quit in 2007. In fact, he surrendered to the government so he can work and provide for his poor family as an ordinary civilian. Since then he has had no further connection with the revolutionary movement in the region whatsoever. It is not true that he was sent to do intelligence operations while working as a construction worker in Cagayan de Oro where he was arrested.

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