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Thursday, September 18, 2014

PR fiasco—ISIS’s propaganda sucks!

When ISIS (ISEL or Islamic State) began its military campaign in Iraq, they took almost half the country and I was very impressed. That is not to say I would like them to win. Islamic oriented governments almost never get along with Maoists or Marxists of any kind. They usually don’t treat atheists very well. So I can’t really find myself supporting them at all.
Still I started to admire their clever military tactics. But then came the beheadings. I can’t approve of executing a person who isn’t in some way directly responsible for the problems of that rebel army. But such killings aren’t rare in the Middle-east. The reaction of the US public to those Americans being beheaded has not been helpful to anyone—especially ISIS. Before the beheadings most Americans were uninterested in the ISIS problem. US politicians who have invested so much into the Iraqi puppet regime knew they had to do something. They ran their own propaganda campaign trying to convince Americans that ISIS was about to send terrorists to the US and conduct 9/11 style attacks. If most people seemed skeptical, ISIS changed that. The beheadings have infuriated many Americans and they now seem to support Prez. Barack Obama’s war on ISIS.
As said by the characters in the movie Easy Rider, ‘they don’t get running scared’….’they get dangerous.’ After 9/11 some Americans got crazy and attacked Arabs and Moslems randomly without finding actual connections between those people and what one group in the Middle-east was doing. As the hype gets worse, I’m sure Arabs and Moslems are bracing for similar attacks. I personally heard a man in a bar claiming (as if he were some kind of expert) that Moslems here will not criticize or comment on what such groups as al Qaeda and ISIS do. That is far from true.
So ISIS commits more beheadings and then plans actual attacks in the US, Briton and now in Australia to shock people and make it clear they see themselves as at war with those countries. But attacking citizens only invites the contempt of the citizens of those countries. They end up supporting their government’s war against ISIS. Most of us on the left realize that it is really important to drive a wedge between a government and its citizens. If people don’t realize our anger is at the government and their imperialist policies and not the common people—we know that we are doomed to failure.
So why doesn’t ISIS realize this? This is the failure of a religious theocracy and its ideology. It is US against THEM—the Religious against the infidels. Those who don’t immediately change their religions are simply to be eradicated from the world around them.
A recent act of ISIS stupidity was their attacks on the Kurds in almost every Middle-east country. That includes the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). The PKK is listed by the US as a terrorist group. The Kurds in Syria have been working with Bashar al-Assad. So can ISIS do what the PKK and Assad have not been able to do—get the blessings of the west. In the next few weeks we will see if ISIS’s ridiculous campaign against the Kurds back fires and reunite old enemies or if the US and its allies will stick to outdated dogma that works against them just as bad as ISIS’s foul tactics and policies.

-សតិវ​ អតុ

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