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Monday, September 08, 2014

The sun always shining in Kansas?!

The Sun is Always Shining in Kansas?

Really SAM?!
“Gov. Brownback is going to try very hard to rewrite his record on education. But he simply has never made education a priority,” (Paul) Davis said. “He’s cut early childhood education. He’s cut higher education. We need a governor who is going to make restoring the cuts that Gov. Brownback made to our public schools the very top priority….

Debate at the Kansas State Fair- The Wichita Eagle
We've got over 50,000 new private sector jobs." and that number is fact.
Yes it is true that he has brought those jobs to Kansas…but what about the jobs that LEFT KANSAS? That’s where the fact turns to a lie.
-Wichita Peace and Freedom Examiner.

During a recent stop in Hutchinson, Gov. Sam Brownback…. said he regrets the adversarial relationship he has with the state’s teachers. That’s a little comical coming from a governor who has spent much of his time in office fostering and developing an adversarial and contentious relationship with teachers.

-សតិវ អតុ
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