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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

We are now a part of Red de Blogs Communistas

We have just joined up with a blog collective; “Red de Blogs Communistas.” It gives me a chance to reach out to people I haven’t reached yet and I will have one more source of posts I can make use of. It is important that we can all counter all the right-wing news sources out there. People need a source of news and commentary for the non-capitalist and non-imperialist minded persons.
While we all have definite ideas and an ideology, I feel secure that these blogs are not so dogmatic as to stifle imagination. I find that each of the blogs, while primarily Maoist have all got their own cultural slants, home grown heroes and the people from these various countries have plenty of information that can only come from those in these countries. It enriches our own political experiences to get fresh views from other parts of the world.
Here is a general statement from Red de Blogs Communistas that I translated from Spanish. It is a Spanish dominated collective, which is one reason they were grateful to have me join. They are now branching out with English blogs:

-សតិវ អតុ

"Marxism is not a dead dogma, doctrine is not a finished, complete, unchanging, but a living guide to action, it could not at least reflect itself a startlingly abrupt change of the conditions of social life." (Lenin, about some peculiarities of the historical development of Marxism). 

Precisely because it is not a living and not a dead dogma science, because it serves in practice and nourished her, Marxists are still in development and enrich their theory in the course of the class struggle, the struggle for production and scientific development .

Over the past 150 years, the brightest leaders of the international proletariat (Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong) started and enriched the Marxist theory in the crucible of the class struggle and ideological struggle against bourgeois ideology and its various manifestations in form revisionism and other trends of different classes.

The Network of  Communists Blogs want to honor this dedication the last of the major contributors in the development of Marxism with the succession of historical, social and political changes, when they complete 38 years of his death, Mao Zedong. 

Mao led in the last impulse in the development of proletarian science, applying the contribution of the history of Marxism-Leninism prior to concrete practice of the Chinese revolution and the world proletarian revolution, in the course of the resulting struggle against modern revisionism led by Khrushchev and company.

RBC wants to honor the great Mao because we consider that the International Communist Movement owes him important contributions (New Democracy, the People's War, the Cultural Revolution ...). In this sense, we want to highlight, at first, to put your finger on it to ask the question we all should do the Communists, to analyze why after the death of Stalin, revisionist and pro-capitalist miscreants were made with little power in only time and without resistance, ie, how we can prevent even developed into a socialist state could overturn all that has been achieved in decades in a few years?

Mao tries to answer the question of how to fight against the class enemies within socialism, which sought to answer through distinct revolutionary practices such as the Cultural Revolution, and that still remains unanswered (because, unfortunately, as happened with Stalin, then Mao's death, the revisionists and pro-capitalists were almost immediately started with the power and, as in the USSR, the return to capitalism).

Precisely the answer to this question they did with Mao, as also seems to be made ​​with Stalin, Molotov and Yakovlev, planted the fight against gentrification of party leaders from so early a date as publication at the 17th Party Congress in January 1934, as shown in studies of Grover Furr, Stalin and the struggle for democracy, the key is to avoid falling into the errors that were repeated again at the end of the socialist experiments. Nevertheless, Stalin, Maoor even Hoxha, built themselves a system of struggle against capitalism, however, that is where we have to seek the key to solving this is not to be repeated in the future.

Mao became therefore the follower of Marxism in the concrete conditions of a colonized country, China, responding and theorizing about the conditions of the building of socialism and communism in what soon would be called, Third World. So would open the third stage of Marxism-Leninism, following Lenin and Stalin, which would live and learn, but to apply that very important new contributions according to the practical reality of his country, opening the door to the little industrialized and colonized peoples to building communism.

As said, the contributions of Mao in Marxist-Leninist theory and the International Communist Movement are innumerable and a unique importance, Mao converting the main representative of the fourth tier of Marxism-Leninism to the final triumph: Maoism, short and deep the contributions of Engels and Marx, Lenin and Stalin,and the adaptation of communist theory in the practice of a world colonized by the imperialist powers but with the same desires for emancipation and end all forms of exploitation of man by man.
We can say that these days, completed 38 years of the death of Chairman Mao, the movements are inspired by his works on which are the revolutionary vanguard, as learned from the mistakes he began and his proposals for solutions, following his example constant applying Marxist theory and revolutionary practice and make the turn develop from this theory.

Ultimately, RBC wants to remember Mao Zedong, in his anniversary of his death, as one of the great revolutionary leaders and theorists of history, along with Marx and Engels, Lenin and Stalin, and honor their memory, their contributions and their great achievements in posting the struggle for emancipation of the Chinese working class and world




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