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Friday, November 07, 2014

Election results have re-awakened the need for revolutionary justice

There are times when it seems as if being a revolutionary is too far out of the status quo and may leave us out of any type of influence on our government. After all, this last election, between Governor Sam Brownback and challenger Paul Davis, promised to restore sanity to a state that once had a fairly nice educational system. There was the possibility that Kansans could or might see if the new Affordable Care Act actually might make it better here for those who have had trouble getting badly needed health care. Or maybe those who will die early of illness may have lived longer due to a different governor winning the elections.
But in the end we saw that some things simply could not be changed. Too many people are afraid to leave a party they have had faith in all their lives—the Republicans are better organized and can get their base voters out—the Democrats are just too inept to win an election here in Kansas.
It is hard to know what positive changes, if any, would come from unseating Pat Roberts.
We do notice that there is still a war on the poor—whether it is by design or simple benign neglect. Our governor talks of Kansas having the right to discriminate against gay people because the people of Kansas have voted in favor of that. But do we really have a right to vote out other minorities rights? I would hope some things just don’t go well with democracy and the right to end minorities rights should be one of those things. And that brings us to the real point of being a revolutionary and that is that we are not interested in “political trends” that may or may not be in the people’s interest.
As revolutionaries we fight for the rights of all minorities and don’t except the excuse that “it is what the people really want.” We care about the poor who will die without health care, despite the possible whims of voters who may not care. They may want cheaper taxes no matter how many innocent lives are lost. It also becomes popular to support wars when we win them, despite the fact that innocent people die and lose their human dignity. We are not obliged to honor every decision the voters make. Minority rights are number one—not simply what angry white voters want.
So the elections have re-awakened me to the understanding that we really can’t get justice in this system. It is not set up for that. It is set up to allow the wealthier classes to punish the poorer classes and if that is democracy—I can live without it.

This is the future of health care for Kansas'  poor.


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