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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Kansas election night—triumph of the swill

It is unbelievable to contemplate the amount of work progressive minded people put in on these campaign to rescue our state from Tea Party representatives of the "angry white men" who have viciously attacked our people in our state, destroying public education and threatening all programs that protect the disabled and elderly in the state of Kansas.
Our Governor, Sam Brownback, plans to take over and destroy social security and Medicare for the people of this state. He has already ruined education and we can now count on him to continue the path he started on.
My father may move out of state because he can't tolerate a  politicians messing with the benefits of old age, such as social security. I will definitely change my career and leave the teaching profession as it just doesn't pay to work as a teacher in Kansas.
We worked hard to get some basic changes to preserve our dignity as older people who end up relying on government assistance. Now hope of preserving those benefits is dead.
I just got through listening to Paul Davis give a wonderful and generous speech congratulating Brownback on his win. Davis can afford to praise this man and walk away to some other cushy job. Many of us are stuck with the problems he created and we can't just walk away. This is a sad day for Kansas and for many of us it is close to a death sentence. A lot was riding on this election and we have all lost and we lost it all.
The political conservative dullards now reign supreme.

-សតិវ អតុ

And away our hopes go down that drain!

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