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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Five died from Kansas Republican rule!

All I wanted for Christmas was their human life!

The following article makes clear the abuse of homeless and poor people in Kansas who die each year so our cheapskate-idiot governor can save a buck and win over his rich friends. He and they seem to see poor and homeless people as just human trash to be picked up and thrown out. These dullards have hard harts and no conscious for the killing of the poor. The Koch brothers who bankrolled part of the money to get our imbecile governor elected, see themselves as feudal lords whose lives are much more important than those who waste away in alleys wishing they had the means to survive. AND they didn't.
Those of us who build for a better life.....a better way....a better system....wait for the day the "free enterprise" system finally chokes out its last breath and  expunged life ....We gleefully await their deaths...!!!!
-សតិវ អតុ

Six candles were lit Sunday in recognition of five homeless people who died this past year in Wichita plus one more for any anonymous person who might have been missed.
“We do this as a reminder,” Rick Cline, spokesman for the Advocates to End Chronic Homelessness and pastor at RiverWalk Church of Christ, said Sunday before a Homeless Person’s Memorial Service.
“We believe all people matter to God. It doesn’t matter what a person’s life circumstances were or how they died. They are all human beings and deserve respect and dignity,” he said. “These individuals may have lived in challenging situations and in an anonymous world, but it is important to lift them up and recognize that their lives did have value.”
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