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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Popular political struggles carried out during 2014

Most years I publish articles high-lighting events that took place over the last year. The following article is about important struggles by political activists and wars around the world from the web site Red de Blogs Comunistas. This Communist Network Blogs' article was posted in Spanish. I translated it with Google and I'm reposting here. My own year rap up will be posted soon:

-(សតិវ អតុ)

Protests and demonstrations in 2014:
 -Hamburg, Declaration of state of emergency (January). Notice of eviction cultural center Rote Flora, occupied for 25 years by anarchist groups, after a real estate developer bought it at City Hall.
 -Gamonal (Spain). By the decision of the City of Burgos to spend 8.5 million euros to build a boulevard on the old Vitoria street, one of the main axes of the city of Burgos (January).
 -portugal, Against cuts (February-March). Thousands of people marched in major Portuguese cities to protest against the approval of further cuts in pensions and other settings in the Public Service.
 -Revueltas In Bosnia (February). A country with a real unemployment rate is estimated to reach 44% (official data it halved), reaching almost 70% in the case of young men / women.
 -Turkey, Protests over the murder of teenager Berkin Elvan and against the regime of Erdogan (March). After nine months in a coma, 269 days in particular, Berkin Elvan died on March 12, 2014 at age 15. The fact that prove to be an innocent fatality, which never participated in the protests, has become a symbol of struggle against government repression.
 -Marcha Dignity in Spain, organized by various social organizations and socialist political movements such as the Andalusian Union of Workers (March)
 Colombia, agricultural strikes (April-May). Farmers need solutions to high input costs, fuel, fertilizers and pesticides; the emergence of mining and environmental damage; debts public and private banking.
 Greece, Tents cleansing against the Ministry of Finance (May). During eight months protested daily outside the Ministry of Finance. In this struggle were with the people and with the thousands of "available" dismissed by government measures and the troika, which destroy their lives and take them to abject poverty.
 Brazil, protests against the World (May-June). Brazil, with over 200 million people refusing to host an event of this magnitude knowing stadiums like Curitiba or Fortaleza have reached upwards of 500 million euros, while the education system falters and health suffers a sharp cut investment.
 -Expression Against the monarchy and for the Republic (Spain) (June). Thousands of people demonstrated in dozens of cities across Spain in favor of the Republic and to call for a referendum in which the Spaniards pronounce on the continuity of the monarchy after the abdication of King Juan Carlos.
 Needless medical 120 days in Peru (July-October)
 -Concentration In La Linea de la Concepcion, Cadiz, organized by the Andalusian Union of Workers (SAT), against tax havens, the bases of NATO and the return of Gibraltar to Andalusia (August)
 -Gales, Protests against NATO (September). More than 20,000 people from around the world came to Wales to condemn the transatlantic pact to reject the global threat posed by this "military alliance" the militarization of Europe and the possession of large nuclear arsenals.
 -Expression For independence in Catalonia 11 S (Spain) (September). Catalan sovereignist process received a major boost with the massive demonstration that occupied 11 kilometers of the main streets of Barcelona in defense of the doctor's November 9th and independence.
 -Hong Kong (September-October). To claim that the electoral reform of the National People's Congress limiting candidates related to Chinese rule people retire.
 -II March for Dignity in Spain, organized by various social organizations and socialist political movements such as the Andalusian Union of Workers (October)
 -Hungary, protests against Orban and laws against tax / internet (October). Only in Budapest gathered between 20,000 and 30,000 protesters to express their opposition against the new tax.
 -Paraguay Peasant protests (November). Rural workers are demanding debt forgiveness by the involvement of crops due to drought and official family farming, beaten by the latifundia help.
 -Protestas In Mexico for kidnapping 43 normalistas (September to December). It still requires the authorities to clarify the situation of the 43 student teachers of the State of Guerrero, who were missing for wanting poor voice was heard.
 Burkino Faso (October-November). The president of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré, resigned on October 31 from his position after three days of massive and violent in the country's streets claiming his departure after 27 years in power protests, which came through a coup .
 -Italy, Strike by labor reform (December 12). Workers in the public and private sector have supported a strike to protest the labor market reforms and austerity measures intended to implement the Executive Renzi.
 Bulgaria, protests against raising the retirement age (December). The coalition government of Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has proposed raising the retirement age for workers to four months, a move that immediately affects about 15,000 workers in the European country.
 -Haiti (December). Violent protests calling for elections and the ouster of Prime Minister Lamothe both as President Michel Martelly.
 Ferguson (USA) (August-December). By the decision of a grand jury no charge to the white police officer killed in August to Michael Brown, an African American 18 unarmed.
 Brazil, demonstrations repudiation murder peasant leader Cleomar Rodrigues (October-December). On October 22, was killed by gunmen hired by landowners in the Brazilian town of Pedras de Maria da Cruz, after undergoing various threats from local landowners.
 -Expansion Venezuelan municipalities. They grow apace is estimated that by the end of 2014 reached the figure of 3000.
 -Protestas In France against police violence (November). In Paris and Sivens marched near a thousand people. They planted trees in honor of Rémi Fraisse, Granada died with tear gas.
 -South Africa. South Africa's poorest protest the lack or inadequacy of basic services such as clean water or electricity. Every day there are more old black ghettos of the apartheid era and slums to be added to the list.
 -Protestas In Peru against labor law (December). The Youth Labor Law wants to implement a temporary work a maximum of five years, paying a minimum wage (about $ 256), an eight hours, 15 days holiday (instead of 30), affiliation social health insurance.
 -Puerto Rico, rising oil tax (December): Protests by rising oil tax, intended to grant the holders paying two billion dollars in debts of the Highways and Transportation Authority (ACT), plus injecting capital to the Government Development Bank (GDB) which is on the brink of insolvency.

Anti-fascist and anti-imperialist struggles and wars in 2014:
 Popular -War India
 * Activities in Sweden, the Netherlands and Colombia by January 25, 2014. International Day of Action and Solidarity with Political Prisoners in India
 * Campaign to boycott the fraudulent elections in India (April)
 * PC Unification of India (ML) Naxalbari and PC of India (Maoist) on May 1
 * Kidnapping professor at Delhi University and leader of the Democratic Revolutionary Front (FDR), Dr GN Saibaba May 9
 * Reappears Maoist magazine "People's March" in June 2014
 * Week of Martyrs (July 28-August 3)
 * 10 years after the creation of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) September 21
 * International Meeting to support the People's War in India-Italy 27 and September 28
 * 14th anniversary of the formation of courageous People's Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) December 2
 Popular -War Philippines
 * 45th anniversary of the founding of the New People's Army (NPA) Philippines (March 29)
 -Turkey, TKP / ML-TIKKO
 República Central, the French resistance against imperialist aggression
 -Intifada Kurdish fighting ISIS
 Antifascist -Resistance in Novorossia (February to December)
 -Palestine, Conflict between the Gaza Strip and Israel (July-August)
 -Kobane (Syria) (July to December). During the November 1st is celebrated World Day mobilizations in solidarity with the Kurdish population and the autonomous and self-governing region Rojava.
 -EPP (Paraguay People's Army)
 Popular -War of Peru
 -Resistance Imperialist Libya against the US, NATO and Al Qaeda


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