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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Argentina—Strange death-foul play-political foolery

There has been a big scandal in Argentina this week The country's special prosecutor is now dead and the president, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, now plans to dismantle that country's intelligence agency. There is foul play for sure. I thought it best to look to our comrades in Argentina to explain what is going on. -សតិវ អតុ

The following is a Google translation;

The suspicious death of (MIA special prosecutor Alberto) Nisman shows that the struggle for power in Argentina has become fierce. Before Menem was with the Yankees, now Kirchner with China and Russia, we get into the imperialist board.
1. The rot
Events occur rapidly. First was the prosecutor Alberto Nisman complaint against Kirchner and Cristina Kirchner officials and leaders of "criminal agreement" with the government of Iran to "impunity" of Iranian officials accused by the terrorist attack on the AMIA. He followed the suspicious death of the prosecutor. "Operations" of information and misinformation about these facts, both from the government and from the holding Clarín, reveal the dark, sinister face of intelligence as a basis for policy state institutions.
Also popular reaction was accelerated. In factories and neighborhoods is heard: "Nobody believes the government or anyone." "A Nisman was killed, no one can say or investigate anything that disappears." "There are a lot of anger, disbelief much, much confusion and keen to understand what is happening." "The government is suspected." "A 20 or 30% believes the government, for the rest they killed him." "The best argument the government is the berreta opportunism of candidates who stroll through the TV". "The situation is dangerous, no worry and fear that everything goes to hell." "Go back pressure by the economic situation." "They fight each other, it is good time to shoulder".

2. The speech of President
Faced with the gravity of the situation and the discrediting of the masses, the president had to face. He reappeared with his speech on national television on Monday night. He spoke for those who follow, but must announce the dissolution of the Secretaríade Intelligence.
He spoke to those who follow. They said she never spoke of "suicide" when the whole country heard his ministers and other swordsmen argue that Nisman had committed suicide when there was not a single serious thing. He spoke of "services" as if she had nothing to do. Ten years ruled hand "Jaime" Stiusso as boss of the Ministry of Intelligence, he increased the budget to $ 800 million, and assured him that the Commission of the National Congress should review their accounts and their activities are not met; ie, ensured that SI had rotten lot of money and no control. Milani put him at the head of Army intelligence, and gave her budget to buy technology that serves only to domestic spying. Is not it Milani, today, the real head of the K intelligence?
Incidentally, Cristina K advantage of the situation to try to "sanctify" the brutal corruption of its economic group.
Compared with the growth of discrediting state institutions, the President dissolved the Ministry of Intelligence. Of course, true to form, backed up a box to advance two: moving a box with the creation of the Federal Intelligence Agency K, and other apparatus providing phone and Internet punctures his right hand on Justice, Attorney Gils Carbó.

3. Disinformation
Cristina K's speech last Monday, hid the times and changes, Nestor and she, in her international alignment.
A policy was the photo of Nestor K amicably with his hand on the knee of US President Bush; and then "flirtations" Cristina K with Obama. This policy led to the agreement with "the Iranian track" for the AMIA case: the CIA and Mossad brought to Argentina claims of a "repentant". Néstor and Cristina agreed with the governments of the US and Israel, and Nisman and Stiusso, that Iran was a "terrorist state" as Loretta Lynch, the procurator of the US Justice said. All became distracted with the "terrorist state" of Israel. But there was a change. The "hand" on the leg of Bush was passed Timerman taking the plane of a military mission of the United States and opening the drawer with key communications of the US intelligence, then the speech in which Cristina K branded Obama "terrorist". Néstor and Cristina K advanced toward signing the "comprehensive strategic partnership" in Argentina and China, and "strategic partnership" with Russia. It is this policy that led the Argentine government to sign the memorandum with Iran.
The other plant, Clarín, also misinformation. Talk of an international terrorist attack, in a world of fierce dispute between imperialist powers, not to mention China and Russia. Iran is a strategic ally of China, is the main supplier of oil, and in return, China, among other things, provides weapons. No Clarín that Iran 21.01.2015 Russia made an agreement of "military cooperation" in claiming learned: "A powerful Russia and an independent Iran are two fundamental pillars of regional and global stability."
US believes that Israel is "the carrier" in the heart of the world oil; China and Russia, as seen, working to tie Iran and turn it into "its aircraft carrier" in the same region.

4. The Curse of carnal relations
"We have a multipolar world with three major powers: the United States, China and Russia. Of the three, for now, only the United States is the only economic and military superpower with global reach (...). [US] tries to recover land in Latin America "(Report of the CC of the RCP, 1/2015).
The Argentinaes a dependent and disputed by various imperialist country. As Menem carnal relations with US imperialism to put Argentina on the board of inter dispute, which is the background of the attacks on the Israeli Embassy and AMIA. Now, government carnal relations with China and Russia K, including the installation of Chinese military base in Neuquén (the first foreign military base in Argentina's history) has also put us on the board of inter dispute. As seen in carnal relations with one or another imperialism always lose the people, and always pay with blood.
The suspicious death of Nisman shows that inter struggle for power in Argentina has become fierce. Chances are it has not decided here, and will continue to follow closely how the facts. The K government pays for having gotten into that damn board. And its rivals in the ruling bloc trying to gain space within that dispute is alien to us and it cost us hungry, delivery and blood.


  5. Good time to pechar
The situation is very serious. The covenant of governance of the above, has cracks or has cracked.
The fight between the above can be used by the people. The workers and the masses, disgusted by the rot that is uncovered, seek to understand the situation and ways to be protagonists.
It is good time to shoulder, as they say, and in some factories. Shoulder one's fighting for the claims of employed workers, unemployed and pensioners; peasants, students and other popular sectors. After adjustment of 2014, it is necessary to prepare the asset 36-hour national strike, sectoral adjustment to face 2015 and to go deep into the truth and punish the crimes of the AMIA and other unpunished crimes.
It is very good time to shoulder with the Popular Front and the campaign for the personality of the PTP. And to strengthen the PCR, which in 1983 raised leave no stone unturned apparatus of the dictatorship, while politicians impunity trading system, as acknowledged Cristina K, to say the rot that comes out today (for her reduced services), is "unfinished business" of all governments since 1983 to now.
Let us return to the slogan that gave us the patriots of the Revolution of May 1810: Neither old nor love new love, no love!
Sufficient unto carnal relations with the Yankees, Chinese or Russian imperialists that subject us to hunger and delivery, and to be cannon fodder for the disputes between them!
signature: Writer Ricardo Fierro

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