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Saturday, January 24, 2015

How the Right-wing CHEATS and how to stop it

It doesn’t take long to see how the far-right Republicans are winning races. They have a whole bag of dirty tricks they use to confuse the voters and the issues. One sure sign of this is the “The Most Comprehensive Training in the History of the (Conservative Political Action Conference) CPAC” Being offered by conservative groups such as American Majority (AM).
They recently sent out an e-male offering conservatives a “Activism Boot Camp.” This event is going to start on February 25 and last for three days.
If there are any doubts that these people cheat, they have put it in bold writing.
Talks include:
7 Best Grassroots Cheats You’ve Never Heard of
Hacking Facebook and Twitter
How I Stole My State (and How You Can Steal Yours)
Run for Office with Victory Guaranteed
Also it will be interesting to see what the consider “ultra left” with:
The Real Face of the Ultra Left"
The event will be held in such cities as Mequon, WI; Naples, FL and National Harbor MD. They obviously have a very impressive play book that they go buy and liberals and leftists need to see what these folks are up to. Serious left-wing politicians of any type need to send in plants and spies who can capture their secrets and let the rest of us know what they are.
We know they are using a lot of subtle propaganda techniques and many or either illegal or unethical. But apparently the end justifies their means. They believe anything they do is OK if it furthers their cause. We might try to find these out and learn how to counter them.

They REALLY hate liberals.

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