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Friday, January 02, 2015

India’s Modi and his war against people

Not too long ago I did an article, Peru and the US are threatened by ideas—such as by Maoism and Gonzaloism, on how the government of Peru is trying to make it illegal for people to favor the Communist Party of Peru (Shining Path) and it was all about making certain opinions illegal. Now the same thing is happening in India. The guerrilla war is a lot more of a serious problem than the People’s War of Peru.
Once again, the Narendra Modi fascist-government of India is following the same path—trying to make opinions, such as through demonstrations, public discussions and any other type of speech illegal.
No longer is it about terrorism or para-military armies, it is about the idea that there might be a better way of running a country than capitalist-bourgeois democracy.
One thing that is beginning to worry me is that the US government may eventually decide to take the same tactics here. We already have the Patriot Act that says we can’t support terrorism. And by terrorism they REALLY mean any group that opposes the
US Empire. So far they haven’t gone after Maoists, but that could change. The Communist Party of India (Maoist) is not yet listed as a terrorist group, but that could change anytime now. The US is presently trying to use so called “anti-terrorist” laws to stop people from recruiting for the Islamic State. Most of us don’t care about supporting IS or we just don’t want to support them at all. But it takes little for the US government to switch gears and go for the Maoist groups in the world. Right now the New People’s Army is on the official US “Terrorist” list. We at Otto’s War Room do post information that supports the NPA. We will continue to support them and the CPI(M). Until we are in jail we will defy the US threats against legal outlets that cover news about and by such Maoist groups. But we are also aware of the dangers. We will not let the US government scare us or make us cower. We will publish this information as long as we can.

-សតិវ អតុ

India - the war against people of MODI's REGIME wants to cancel mass and
democratic organisations in INDIA - it must intensify campaigns of denounce
and action of mass and democratic solidarity in all the world - support
International delegation in India! support three international days of
action 29-30-31 january

from indian press:

Urban Maoists slip through government's intel network
The war on Red Terror is no longer limited to remote jungles in far off
districts as urban Maoists have become a clear and present danger. Maoist
front organsiations, functioning far from their strongholds in the jungle
tracts of central India, have succeeded in penetrating urban India and have
managed to give a slip to intelligence agencies for some years. The
government is now planning a crackdown on them. A new policy drafted by the
Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to combat Red terror also talks of the threat
posed by these organisations that need to be dealt with strongly. A note on
the policy says that such "front organisations" of the Communist Party of
India (Maoist) are active in 21 states of the country.
Sources say the Union home ministry has directed intelligence wings of
states and also central intelligence agencies to track the activities of
these organisations closely and gather evidence against them. There are 128
such organisations that are on the radar of intelligence agencies for their
links with the red rebels. "These organsiations carry out over ground
agitational activities in an attempt to expand the mass base of the party
and prepare the stage for armed insurrection," the note on the new policy
says. Home Ministry officials say that cracking down on such organisations
is a priority. Intelligence reports suggest that many of these front
organsiations are based in urban centres and provide logistical support to
the movement ensuring fusion between overground and underground activities.
They are responsible for recruitment of educated youth who go to field areas
to keep the movement alive and play the role of ideologues, sources say.
"Such organisations have been identified but we need to establish that these
are the urban faces of the armed rebellion and not mere sympathisers," said
a home ministry official. The ministry has planned a crackdown on these
organisations and asked intelligence agencies to bring out evidence of their
support to the Maoists. Initiating strong action against them has been a
problem area since they operate by making inroads into workers' groups,
social forums and NGOs. Intelligence agencies stumbled upon the Maoist
strategy of setting urban bases in cities like Delhi in 2009 with the arrest
of Kobad Ghandy from Delhi.
"We want to treat them like Maoists, but that is only possible if we can get
solid evidence that they are providing the armed rebels logistical support,
carrying out recruitment drives in urban areas and providing financial
assistance to them as well," the official added. Other than states hit by
left-wing extremism like Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal and
Andhra Pradesh, these front organisations are also active in Delhi, Haryana,
Gujarat, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Kerala.
Sources say several organisations in Delhi and the National Capital Region
have been identified as Maoist front organisations. According to the home
ministry, Maoist ideologues in cities and towns have undertaken a concerted
and systematic propaganda against the state.
"In fact, it is these ideologues who have kept the Maoist movement alive and
are in many ways more dangerous than the cadres of the People's Liberation
Guerrilla Army," a home ministry report on Maoist activities in urban area
says. The home ministry is of the opinion that the Maoists want to capture
territory in the countryside and gradually encircle the urban centres.
Intelligence agencies stumbled upon the Maoist strategy of setting urban
bases in cities like Delhi in 2009 with the arrest of Kobad Ghandy from
Delhi. Ghandy is allegedly responsible for recruiting people from urban
centres. More recently, Hem Mishra, a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University
in Delhi, was arrested by the Maharashtra Police last year for allegedly
helping Maoists.
Earlier this year, Delhi University professor G.N. Saibaba, belonging to the
Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), was also arrested by Maharshtra police
on allegations of supporting the rebels. Intelligence inputs indicate that
these groups are working with an objective to enter the cadres of workers'
associations and work from within and motivate them to carry out violent
protests. Intelligence sources say their cadres work in layers. The modus
operandi of some of these groups is aimed at provoking violence. Starting
from distributing material related to the Maoist ideology to holding
rallies, they finally want to penetrate into protest demonstrations and
trigger violence
Info from Comitato Sostegno GP India,

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