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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Radical left (Syriza), wins the Greek elections

The left has won an important election in Greece. The Syriza coalition includes some Maoists and other Marxists. We will soon see of these new winners can actually bring any real positive change. Most of those European government's bourgeoisies are deeply entrenched and will do all they can to sabotage this victory. So the Syriza coalition has a tough road ahead. The following article gives some details as to who Syriza coalition is. It was written and posted about a month ago.
 -សតិវ អតុ

The Specter of a Revolutionary Left Government is Haunting Greece's Bourgeoisie

From Kasama Project:

All eyes are now on Greece. Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has made the fateful decision to propel presidential elections forward. Samaras asserts, believes even, that the people of Greece do not want elections.
It is not the Greek people who do not want elections but the governing regime. In October Samaras managed to garner the support of 155 MPs for his government from PASOK and New Democracy allies in a vote of confidence, which only delayed the inevitable. The regime of Samaras could breathe easy, however temporarily, at the time.
Before the most recent vote of confidence were the elections held to the European Parliament in May. The ruling New Democracy-PASOK coalition received a combined vote of 30.2 percent, compared to 26.4 percent taken up by the Coalition of the Radical Left (Syriza), the paltry percentage that PASOK got beefing up New Democracy’s lesser 22.8 percent. This effectively allowed Samaras to declare victory. Samaras could boast that the attempt to turn the European Parliament elections into a plebiscite against his coalition government had failed, easing the fears of the broader European community by trumpeting the admittedly empty promise of continued stability. Syriza leader Tsipras spoke of the will of the people being more or less left unheeded as a result of the unfavorable disposition of political forces.
Just prior to the European Parliament elections were the Greek municipal elections, held in the same month, which did not bode well for Samaras either. Syriza would sweep up Attica. Syriza easily trumped the Independent opposition in the Attica region, winning by 50.82 percent. That gave them sixty-one seats there. In Athens proper, Syriza narrowly lost by one percentage point to an incumbent politician, nonetheless gathering up an impressive 20 percent of the vote. New Democracy managed to do considerably well in Central Macedonia and elsewhere, but this was hardly a positive showing for Samaras. New Democracy candidates lost out in the second round of elections held in the municipality of Athens, letting populous Attica slip form the party’s hands. Samaras would proclaim the triumph of stability in this instance, too, as to lessen the jitteriness of the always edgy markets.
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