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Thursday, January 29, 2015


This is the translation of a Spanish blog to English:

The Reconstruction Committee of the Communist Party of Bolivia, greets jubilant victory achieved by workers and the masses of Greece, amid a severe economic crisis and unpopular policies imposed by previous governments under the aegis of the European Union, allowed Tsipras And SYRYSA obtain the electoral triumph in the context of inter-confrontational open for hegemony and the new world order.
Undoubtedly it has opened a significant gap in the field of the countries of the European Union, which depending on many factors cohesion   in the line of revolutionary confrontation against imperialism, can allow workers and the masses Greek progress   to the path of democratic and popular revolution in the perspective of scientific socialism.
The communists and revolutionaries of the world, consistent with proletarian internationalism,   can not fail to speak out and morally support the heroic action of the workers and the masses of Greece, because they were the ones who had the suitability of advancing boldly and combative resolution sowing way for the  electoral triumph of Tsipras and SYRYSA.The latter   seized the political opportunity, prosecuting popular discontent against the pro-imperialist of the past, to the electoral process, as happened in our country after the Red October 2003. 
To our knowledge, Tsipras and SYRYSA brought together in its design to various political and ideological trends, from some communists, Maoists, Trotskyists, Social Democrats, environmentalists, and others. We imagine that the conditions and peculiarities of the political struggle in Greece, allowed the formation of this alliance in an election situation to deal with the reaction and imperialism.
We believe that the struggle of the workers and masses of Greece continue tireless and persistent anti-imperialist and revolutionary beyond simple reforms to the old state of Greece struggle, it is not conceivable any peaceful transition to scientific socialism if it is not preceded by a revolution can overthrow the old state order destroying and replacing it with a new state. Otherwise it will lead to reformism, populism and anti-imperialist rhetoric, or where appropriate, may allow the political articulation of the reaction and the fascist gangs in the past persisted throughout freely attacking and repressing  workers and people of Greece.  The experience of the revolutionary struggle of the workers and the masses of the world teaches us well.
The reaction, imperialism, especially US imperialism and the European Union, shall endeavor by all means to mitigate or neutralize the government of Tsipras and SYRYSA; pro-burguesas ideological tendencies of postmodernism and its variables  decolonialistas, multiculturalists, heterodox, neo-Marxist, Marxist-anti-Marxist,  environmentalists,  NGOs funded by imperialism, the Possibilists and others also make it possible to deflect the political course of the struggle of the masses of their revolutionary aims to degenerate into reform processes to thrill the masses with measures radicalization of bourgeois liberal democracy (as in some countries in Latin America) but ultraconservative of bourgeois economic structure. However, the Bolivian Communists are firmly convinced that workers and the masses of Greece, as well as demonstrated in the past in their fight against the anti-people and pro-imperialist governments, and against the fascist gangs, will not compromise and will continue impetuously with the revolutionary struggle toward its strategic objectives class.  

Political Committee
Communist Party of Bolivia
Reconstruction Committee

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