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Monday, March 09, 2015

Canada- In Defense of Protracted People’s War

This piece was written by a collective of writers who support the PCR-RCP Canada in response to a critique published by a supporter of the American Kasama Project organization, with the objective of clarifying the Party’s strategic line and deepening the discussion on what we think is the most important question the revolutionaries need to answer in the imperialist countries—that of the strategy we should uphold and apply for destroying the bourgeois state and establish workers’ power. Any comments could be sent to
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First we should begin with some qualifications regarding our wariness in engaging with Curtis Cole’s Idealizing PPW: A Response to the PCR-RCP. Although at first glance Cole’s critique appears to be written in good faith, it is littered with a number of throwaway and ungrounded comments, some of which we feel are unprincipled. Cole appears to have rejected PPW outright before conducting a thorough investigation before even engaging with the documents we have released in this regard, and this is evident in Cole’s poor representation of our position. In hack internet speak we could accuse Cole of “straw-personing” our position, and we will go into this in more detail in later sections, but since it is not enough to just dismiss a critic of making this mistake (after all, it is equally unprincipled to accuse someone of this without going into detail—as Cole does at one point), we’re left with the unfortunate job of trying to correct an erroneous depiction while, at the same time, responding to those critiques that are half-correct.
Simply put, Cole’s article is a mess. Our wariness comes from having to respond to this mess, forced into the position of rectifying a misapprehension, while at the same time responding to those criticisms that are based on an understanding that is halfway correct, as well as responding to someone who demonstrates disdain for our work. That is, Cole’s critique is not comradely, no matter what he maintains at the outset, because if it was it would: a) be based on a more accurate understanding of our position; b) refuse to devolve into sectarian name-calling (even the title is antagonistic); c) actually engage with our practice and analysis of the concrete conditions of Canada rather than degenerate into snide dismissals that are treated as accurate assessments.

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