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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Enjoy Spring Break before conservatives ban it

Conservatives are like fascists. They believe all human activity has to be regulated and regulated a lot. This is especially true of college students who decide to break out on their own and disregard societies suffocating rules when it comes to having parties in public places. Do you really care if your parents approve of what you are doing on Spring Break???!!
Any time young people get together and throw out all the suffocating rules of our nation we can count on conservative pundits, such as blather mouth Sean Hannity to try and bring an end to it. According to Hannity and his flunky Ainsley Earhardt, Spring Break is nothing more than an orgy of drugs, alcohol, sex and nudity on the beach.   
It seems as if such anal retentive stiffs, such as Hannity can’t stand to see people who are having fun and not regulated.  What is wrong with such people? Why do conservatives talk about getting government off our backs only to want it put on tight when young people try to break loose? They want lots of government regulations on what young people do. They want their fun seriously monitored.
Asawin Suebsaeng, of The Daily Beast, blasted Hannity’s biased portrayal of Spring Break. He pointed out there was the loss of business, suffered by many local clubs and other establishments that rely on tourism (especially the kind that Spring Break brings), after Hannity’s week long crusade.
“We're losing several thousand dollars a night,” said Wes Burvis, kitchen manager at Sharky's Bar & Grill, quoted in the article.
This is quite an irony since Hannity likes to think of himself as a champion of the small businessperson.
He also pointed out a lot of local politicians and city officials felt his expose unfairly portrayed their city “as being a lawless place that you can just come and do anything,” according to Mayor Gayle Oberst.
Young people deserve to have some times and places where they can be free of their inhabitation’s and they can let lose. I did those kinds of things when I was young and I turned out fine.

Best of all I never became a fascist or a conservative.


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