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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Israel—Netanyahu still sucks—He is the worst of the worst

Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress was just one more attempt at promoting his paranoid delusions concerning Iran attacking Israel. The whole idea is that "IF" Iran can make an atomic bomb they automatically "WILL" strike Israel. He basis that on the fact that Iran has adopted the ideology that they believe Israel must be destroyed. Most Arab countries have adopted that belief, even those who are now allied with Israel. That is because there is a big difference between believing something and acting on it.
 For many years Iran did not support any of the factions within the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). That is because, until the last few years, there were no religious fundamentalist groups within the PLO. Now there is Hamas/ حماس, founded sometime in 1988 that focuses on Palestinian rights. Hamas won a legitimate election victory in  2006, in the Gaza Strip.
Netanyahu (בנימין "ביבי" נתניהו) represents the most right-wing elements of Israel's government. He represents the worst that Israel has to offer. As with many European style governments, only the far right has had any luck during elections in the last 15 years. He holds the views of Israel's most paranoid and militant parties, the Likud party.
Netanyahu "did not offer any viable alternatives," Obama said speaking from the Oval Office.
And he is right to disagree with him. Obama is not as right-wing and paranoid as Netanyahu and does not share his apocalyptic philosophy. He also has not stood up for Palestinian rights. But at least he has avoided the "go to war with Iran" stupidity of the Republicans and other right-wing factions.
Israel is still a theocracy and an imperialist nation that occupies Palestine and Netanyahu represents the worst—the shit of the shitiest elements of that part of the world.

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ThatPalestinePerson said...

What's especially stupid is that all of this saber-rattling that he does is all for naught as the negotiations with Iran have continued on ahead as scheduled. And on top of that he ignores evidence from his own intelligence agency Mossad stating that Iran doesn't have the capacity for developing a nuclear weapon. Talk about ignorant.
While Israel is more secular than some of it's neighbors (Saudi Arabia comes to mind) it can't help but seem like he's pandering to the ultranationalists who may or may not advocate for a theocracy. If they did that then they would most likely even alienate themselves from the rest of the world.