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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

L’œillet rouge-Louise Michel-another historical Woman

If were to go to the black cemetery
Brothers, throw on your sister,
As a final hope,
Some red 'carnations' in bloom.
In the final days of Empire,
When the people were awakening,
It was your smile red carnation
which told us that all was being reborn.
Today, go blossom in the shadow of the black and sad prisons.
Go, bloom near the somber captive,
And tell him/her truly that we love him/her.
Tell that through fleeting time
Everything belongs to the future
That the livid-browed conqueror
can die more surely than the conquered.-Louise Michel


Anonymous said...

but there's a New Synthesis
books, speeches, with analysis
but you dont read em; dont hear em, go near em,
like that, you're ALL PLAYED OUT!

Just like the Kasama faction with Mike Ely's rightist deviation

Otto said...

I strongly suspect this comment is from a right wing troll and not really from an Avakianist.