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Monday, April 27, 2015

Earthquake update in Nepal

A Google translation from Spanish:
The Asian Coordinating Committee ICOR esta Deeply sad By The dimension of the death and destruction caused by the actual earthquake in Nepal. The Destruction Caused in this country and Suffering Extreme Poverty, surpasses all imagination. That Habra More than 1,000 people are feared and have Caused Huge Damages Buildings Forming Part one of Tal cultural heritage Since Dharahara tower and temple of Swayambhunath that are in ruins.

The wave of stories Massive Earthquake in recent years is undoubtedly due to the massive Warming and Climate Change taking place as runner continuous deliberate exploitation of natural Commodities BY international capitalism In a clearly unbearable pace. They are among the many disasters Expect More de este type, if we do not curb esta destruction of Natural Raw Materials and replace capitalism a System On a Global level system oriented more towards a harmonization of mankind with nature.
While we express to the people of Nepal is a profound translation condolences and Our Compassion, the Coordination Committee of Asia ICOR promises his support to the people of Nepal in this time of emergency and called for all democratic forces and left to join and granted all the help possible sea. We watched our matches ICOR in Nepal, CPN (Mashal) and Unified Communist Party of Nepal para transmit the people in Nepal our help and keep informed the Parties of the ICOR on the possibilities for their help. We call on all parties of the ICOR a queue Put your pawn currently to help the people in Nepal, of All Possible Ways and Possibilities Agreement THEIR OWN.

Coordination Committee of Asia
International Coordination of Revolutionary Parties and Organizations
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