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Thursday, April 30, 2015

On the 129 Anniversary of May 1̊

A Google translation from Spanish from LUMINOSO FUTURO (with translation help from -សតិវ អតុ):

Communist Blogs Network Statement issued by the 129 Anniversary of May:

RBC news
on the occasion of May 1
"Day when the workers of all countries celebrate their awakening to life with class consciousness"

"Comrade workers! May Day, the day when the workers of all countries celebrate their awakening to life with class consciousness, solidarity in the struggle against violence and oppression of man by man, in the struggle to liberate approaches millions of workers of hunger, misery and humiliation. Two worlds stand face to face in this great struggle: the world of capital and labor, the world of exploitation and slavery, and fraternity and liberty. "

We wanted to start this call to fight next May 1, Labor Day, citing Comrade Lenin, in the manifesto published as a leaflet by the Central Committee and the Central Organ of the RSDLP in 1904. And we do because today the working class seems to have forgotten what the May 1, why was proclaimed by the Soviet Union as a day of general strike, and what its origins and aims.

Since 1890, May 1 is celebrated as a day of struggle for all conscious workers of the world, in tribute to both unforgettable Martyrs of Chicago in 1886 as the heroes of October 25, 1917, and in fact, honor and glory of all those who have fought, often even giving his life towards that world without exploitation of man by man is the lighthouse and guide every communist.

We live in times where capitalism increasingly shown their true face of brazen criminal barbarism against the working class and peoples of the world. Your necessarily imperialist character causes aggression against the peoples who wish to remain sovereign is brutal, either as covert interference in the internal affairs or direct armed intervention in the form of killings, indents or destruction of productive forces created and accumulated over five centuries by its war machine, especially NATO.

Similarly, we are witnessing a period of offensive of capital against labor, constant cuts rights carried by the euphoria of the apparent triumph of the law of the market against the law of equality and solidarity, two conditions necessary for any man you can enjoy real freedom.

Acogotada by ideological bombardment and absolute control of the media and information, the working class, mostly assuming involuntarily culture and bourgeois ideology, is in the process of surrender and submission to exploiting their class, disorganized and short of a vanguard party to lead them and give them hope in the struggle for social emancipation.

Therefore, we believe it is necessary to go back to the counter, recoil stop, and start joining forces, above dogma and personalities, so common in the international communist movement today and, especially, in the virtual world, where the organization, discipline and personal self-improvement and as a party in order to become better revolutionaries are far from satisfactory, because ultimately in the MCI some have taken on deaf ears the mandate of overthrowing capitalist barbarism through revolution.

Changing the very consciousness of the revolutionary vanguard to fulfill its obligation to be, start making the working masses to return to recover the fighter dignity that made them conquer unimaginable rights throughout history, and today they are missing with little resistance, it is our work, as we said above dogmas, opportunism, acronyms and personalities.

In addition to the fight at the state level, it is essential to increasing coordination of the international working class. The bloody fight imperialism with internationalism; capitalist barbarism with communist organization; exploitation for workers revolution. Let's face the capital, the bourgeoisie, the imperialist fascism, with all our means, because, as he wrote Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto, in the words are the motto of the Communist Network of Blogs, "the Communists They have to keep concealed their intentions openly declare that their objectives can be attained only by the forcible overthrow the existing social order. "

Turning, finally, to the words of Lenin, let us not forget, and we are obliged to make them understand the workers that "Only the conscious and organized proletariat can win the people to true freedom, freedom is not falsified. Only the conscious and organized proletariat can thwart every attempt to deceive the people, to curtail their rights, to turn it into a mere instrument in the hands of the bourgeoisie. "

BY MAY 1, struggle and resistance!

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